10 Reasons Being Kindhearted πŸ˜‡ Isn't Always πŸ’― a Good Thing πŸ’πŸ»πŸ’πŸΌπŸ’πŸ½πŸ’πŸΏ ...

To be kind-hearted is a beautiful way to live your life in the way that you're bringing so much positivity, although it's good to be aware of a few of the reasons why it can be bittersweet.

1. Others May Take Advantage

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Being a kind-hearted person is a great thing to be, although one of the reason it's bittersweet is that others may take advantage of our kind nature. This is especially true when they seem to be constantly 'taking' what we naturally give and offer, and in most cases we won't receive anything from them in return. For this reason it becomes a one-way street where it should always be two-way.

2. You May Get Hurt

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Sometimes it can be hard to protect ourselves while being kind-hearted. This is because being kind-hearted means we keep our hearts open to the things around us, and unfortunately that includes negativity which can be very difficult to separate ourselves and our precious heart from.

3. You May Be Let down

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Usually being kind-hearted means we like to see the best in other people and think the best of them. Naturally we give others the benefit of the doubt because of this. But sometimes we discover that people aren't always what they seem and that they're not the people we once thought they were. When this happens we can feel let down, disappointed and disheartened.

4. Others May Not Be like You

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A part of being kind-hearted is about wanting others to be like this too, so that we can spread positivity round as much as we can and live in a better world. But not everyone is kind-hearted, in fact, some people are the opposite of this naturally. We can always encourage others to be better, but we can't do much more than this and sometimes we won't see the result we were hoping for.

5. You Give but May Not Receive

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Kind-heartedness is all about the state of 'giving'. We're constantly giving in one way or another, whether that's showing support to a friend in need or spreading our natural warmth to those who are naturally the opposite. We will do anything that involves giving and sharing a positive part of ourselves but there is no guarantee we will get this back in return. For example, if we really make the effort to be there for someone we care about, there is no guarantee they will be there for us when we need the support and reassurance.

6. But Remember...

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To be kind-hearted is a choice we make and a way to live our lives. In every case there's a positive outcome and a positive way to look at the situation. We're choosing to be compassionate, gentle, warm, patient and understanding because it gives us a way to make a positive change to the world, coming from a personal place, and that's one the best reasons to do it.

7. You Forget about Yourself

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Sometimes when we're too kindhearted to others, we forget to be kind to ourselves. We spend so much time trying to meet others needs that we forget about our own wellbeing. Always remember to be kind and compassionate to yourself as well as towards others for a healthy balance.

8. People See It as Weak

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Some people view kindheartedness as weakness. Your quick nature to put your own needs aside at the benefit of others could be a sign you aren't strong enough to stand up for yourself. While that may not actually be the case, be cautious of how kindhearted you are so as not to seem weak and timid.

9. You Seem Selfish

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While this seems like the opposite of kindhearted, recent studies show people view too nice the same as too selfish, in that you want excess attention and rather than being rude, you're overly generous and caring to get it.

10. Relationships Are Harder

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When you're too generous, it causes a genuine relationship to be few and far between. Your inability to communicate and speak your mind causes conflict without resolution. Healthy relationships are about give and take, and not having that equal balance because you're too kind causes your relationship to flounder.

Are you too kindhearted? Do you wish you weren't?

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