7 Types of Days You'll Have in College ...

You’re bound to act in different ways during the several types of days you’ll have in college. It doesn’t matter if you’re a great student or a poor one. There are going to be times when you try your best and times when you won’t care about what’s thrown at you. If you’re young, get ready for these different types of days you’ll have in college.

1. Sweatpants

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One of the types of days you’ll have in college involves sweatpants and a hat. You won’t feel like doing any work on these days, and will drown out most of what your professor is saying. You won’t want to participate in class or be awake. The entire day, you’ll be looking forward to getting back to your dorm to sleep. It doesn’t matter that you slacked off for one day, because you promised yourself you’ll pay extra attention in class the next day.

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