7 Types of Days You'll Have in College ...


7 Types of Days You'll Have in College ...
7 Types of Days You'll Have in College ...

You’re bound to act in different ways during the several types of days you’ll have in college. It doesn’t matter if you’re a great student or a poor one. There are going to be times when you try your best and times when you won’t care about what’s thrown at you. If you’re young, get ready for these different types of days you’ll have in college.

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Sweatpants One of the types of days you’ll have in college involves sweatpants and a hat. You won’t feel like doing any work on these days, and will drown out most of what your professor is saying. You won’t want to participate in class or be awake. The entire day, you’ll be looking forward to getting back to your dorm to sleep. It doesn’t matter that you slacked off for one day, because you promised yourself you’ll pay extra attention in class the next day.



Studious You might be inspired by a bad test grade or your desire to get into graduate school. All of a sudden, you’ll try to get the best grade possible in your classes. You’ll read every word of every textbook, even if the professor didn’t assign it. During class, you’ll take notes on everything that’s being discussed, even if it doesn’t seem all that important. You never know what will show up on the next test.



Skipping There will be days when you’ll be tempted to skip class. If your professors don’t have an attendance policy, then the temptation is doubly strong. You might skip in order to get the homework done for your other classes, but you’ll probably end up playing video games with your suitemates. There’s nothing wrong with a day off, but don’t take every opportunity to abandon your classroom. You don’t want to fail a course you’re paying money to take.



Daydreamer Even if you’re trying your hardest to pay attention, it’s easy for your mind to drift away. Why think about what’s scribbled on the blackboard when you can be daydreaming about all of the exciting things happening in your life (or on Breaking Bad)? You could take notes absentmindedly without actually absorbing anything that you’re writing. By the time class is over, you won’t be able to remember what the lesson was about. If you’re lucky, your daydreaming went in and out, so you’ve at least picked up the gist of the lesson.



Talking There are times when you’d rather have a conversation than listen to a professor teach a lesson. You might turn to a classmate to complain about the class or take out your phone to text the friends that go to different schools. It’s dangerous if you feel like your topic of conversation is more important than the topic of the class. Remember that you’ll have time to talk the night away as soon as your classes are over. You can save your stories until then.


Other Class

Other Class Are you a procrastinator? If there’s homework due in your next class, you might neglect the class that you’re currently sitting in. You’ll be too busy focusing on the work you have to finish and ignore whatever the professor is droning on about. Be careful when you choose to do this. You don’t want to sacrifice your grades in one class for another.



Online Now that we have such a large focus on technology, most students bring their laptops to class. While some use their computers for their intended purpose in class, others spend their time checking Facebook and Twitter. It’s a distraction for you and the people behind you, who can see every word you’re typing. Be careful what you’re looking at, because you don’t want classmates to see anything inappropriate. If browsing your favorite websites is too tempting, you should leave your laptop at home.

Even if you’re not in college yet, you can relate to most of these school days. Are you a good student? Do you have trouble concentrating in class?

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Definitely bra-less days

Studious and Daydreamer...it depends on the class but yeah I'm mostly both! I know how distracting it can be when other students use their laptops--I had a classmate checking out pictures of women in bikinis once!

Have these days all the time and I\'m in high school

Sweatpants and studious overlap. Hungover days aren't on there...

I really don't get the nipples picture representing this

Psh i do this now

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