7 Great Locations for Study Sessions That Succeed ...


7 Great Locations for Study Sessions That Succeed ...
7 Great Locations for Study Sessions That Succeed ...

Locations for study sessions are sometimes difficult to come by. Either the location you like isn’t ideal for hosting a group or you just don’t feel relaxed enough to settle in and get to work. When preparing for a study session you want your group to be comfortable with the size and ambiance of your location. The location you choose can depend on the needs of the group, and those needs often change. Below are seven of my favorite locations for study sessions.

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One of the best locations for study sessions that succeed is the library. The library is an easy option. The location is common knowledge to your group, making it pretty easy to find. Aside from the usual workstations many libraries have study rooms. Book one of these rooms in advance and request use of a whiteboard if necessary. Whether you choose to meet up at the university library or the local public library, you will find the silence and reference option tools you need. Group study rooms can get pretty stuffy, so remember to leave the door open for better circulation.


Resource Room

A resource room has various definitions depending on location. If your resource room simply resembles a very large study room then you are in luck! The local university in my state has several resource rooms. The name usually throws people off. Some resource rooms are large, open areas where you can study alone or in groups, or use the university provided computers for research.


Computer Commons

Computer commons are fascinating places. I’ve never seen so many computers in one place outside of a Best Buy or NSA office. While a computer commons hosts tons of computers for student use, it also has study rooms. Similar to a library, the computer commons is typically a quiet(ish) place. Locate the information desk and reserve a group study room and get to it! Similar to the library, the computer commons location will be pretty easy to find.


Secret Garden

A secret garden is a beautiful place. It’s usually small, green, quiet, secluded, and loaded with wonderful smelling flowers! A secret garden also has plenty of seating. While not every school has a secret garden, it may have a greenhouse or botanical garden. If you are lucky enough to have any of these in your area, check it out. Ask about the rules and guidelines. If small groups are allowed you will enjoy the quiet location.


Coffee Shop

If libraries and resource rooms are not your cup of tea, then gather the gang and head over to the local coffee shop. There you will have restrooms, caffeine, and ambient music close at hand. In a coffee shop you will not have to worry too much about volume. Just keep the noise below the level of the coffee grinder and you’re golden. I love study sessions in a coffee shop because I’m pretty loud and the atmosphere doesn’t mind the easy banter of a study group.



There are different ways a study session can be success. Discussion is a large part of a successful meet-up. If you are hungry, feel like you’ve read enough (for now) and want to meet up with your group for a study session that focuses on discussion, then why not head to a restaurant? Find a good, affordable place, sit down, order some food and a drink, and let the talking commence! Similar to a coffee shop, a restaurant accommodates talkative patrons. Just be sure to keep an eye on your wallet as your expenses can heat up.



Another good place for a successful study session is closer than you think. If you work best at home then invite your study mates over to your place. You will have the quiet comforts of home combined with all the necessary people and resources to get focused. As the host you can provide the ambient music and drinks for your guests – you’re already providing the location. Ask your study mates to bring a food item and turn it into a potluck study session.

There are many locations for study sessions for you to choose from. No matter which location you choose, it is important to have a group of study mates who are focused and determined to learn the material and help the group. It helps if the location is fun or comfortable. If you are lucky, you can have both! Do you have any favorite locations for study sessions? Please, share!

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I have a big test coming up on the 9th of Nov these tips are great .

I love coffee shop studying. U can have snacks and drinks while study and not worry. Plus how can u study with low blood sugar.

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