7 Smart Study Tips ...


7 Smart Study Tips ...
7 Smart Study Tips ...

These study tips are mainly aimed at college or university students, but can also be used to help children, or by anyone studying through distance learning. Why is there a need for study techniques? It´s not something that comes naturally to most people, but they want to get the best result. So here are some smart tips for studying to help you …

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Plan Ahead

Books are expensive to buy. So what do you do when hundreds of people have the same required reading? There´s a simple way – get organised, and read popular course books in advance. This worked for me when I was studying a course that the entire year was following, and it's one of the best study tips you'll come by.


Set Study Times

An excellent study tip is to treat it as if it were a job, with a regular timetable. Set yourself fixed hours to work in, and don´t allow yourself to be distracted by anything during that time. So block off some time in your diary to sit down and work hard. You´ll be more productive, and be able to switch off when your ´working hours´ are finished.


Avoid Panic

Unless you´re one of those rare people who works best under pressure, trying to rush work before a deadline means that you´ll most likely end up turning in work below standard. Reading lists and essay deadlines are generally given out well in advance, so plan your work, get cracking on your essays early and avoid a last-minute panic.


Sufficient Sleep

For a student, it´s tempting to go out even when you have an early class. Try not to do this too often, as sleep is essential for resting both brain and body. You´re more likely to work efficiently if you´re adequately rested and not fuelled by gallons of coffee. Some of the best tips for studying have to do with when you're not studying!


Know Your Study Style

One study tip that´s often overlooked is to know how you work and learn best. Let´s look at languages, for example. I learn best through visual means – so if I want to remember something, I need to see it written down. Others learn more easily through hearing the words. Find your study style and use it to study most efficiently.



Having a suitable environment to study in is essential if you want to work to the best of your ability. Most of us need quiet surroundings in order to be able to concentrate. Find a quiet corner of the library or an empty room, and if at home with your family around, take advantage of the times when the kids are in bed or out.


Study Groups

My final study tip is to join or form a study group. The advantage of getting together with fellow students is that you can motivate each other, and help others clarify points that they don´t understand. Forming part of a group also means that you dedicate fixed times to work.

Using these study tips will help you to work to the best of your ability. Most students are aiming to improve their career prospects and so want to achieve the best result possible. If you're combining your studies with work then you need to use your time even more effectively; besides, studying is expensive, which offers further incentive to do as well as you can. What study techniques have you found effective?

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