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Nervous drivers can have a terribly worrying time on the roads. And then there are others who make you wonder how they managed to obtain their licence, and cause anxiety for other road users! If you have to admit that your driving skills aren´t as good as they should be, or you fall into the category of nervous drivers, there are steps you can take to improve. Here are some helpful tips for terrible or nervous drivers …

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Stay Calm

Do you have a tendency to panic on the roads, which causes your bad driving? It´s important to stay calm. Roads are increasingly busy these days, and everyone is in a hurry, but don´t be in a rush yourself. If you stay calm, you will make better decisions. So take a moment to think about what you are going to do; rushing means that you are more likely to make mistakes, and then get yourself in more of a panic.


Take More Lessons

One of the best tips for bad drivers is to take more lessons. Learning doesn´t necessarily stop when you receive your licence. It´s a very different experience when you´re out there on your own and don´t have an instructor beside you. So if your driving isn´t up to scratch, do consider taking more lessons – it would be money well spent.


Don´t Be Pressured

The situation for nervous drivers can be made worse by impatient motorists. Never allow someone else to pressure you when you´re driving; again, you´re more likely to make a mistake if they shout or sound the horn, and make you flustered. Take the time you need, and especially don´t be pushed into committing illegal manoeuvres. If someone wants to break the speed limit, let them overtake you!


Drive at Quiet Times

If you´re generally happy when driving, but busy conditions make you nervous, then try wherever possible to restrict your use of the car to quieter times of the day. You´ll feel less pressured if you´re not dealing with rush-hour traffic. And do avoid busy cities if you´re nervous – leave the car on the outskirts and take public transport into the center.


Practise Manoeuvres

Some nervous drivers have specific manoeuvres that present them with a challenge. If this is the case with you, then see if practice makes perfect! Go to a quiet car park, and try the manoeuvre over and over again until you´re more comfortable. Get an experienced friend to show you how.


Rescue Remedy

If you suffer from nerves, you may be tempted to take tranquillisers. Obviously this can be a problem if you drive (always check with your doctor if it´s safe to drive on medication). So a safe alternative is Rescue Remedy, which many people find very helpful in dealing with anxiety.


Abandon the Idea!

If you´re truly a disaster on the roads, and no instructor can improve your driving skills, then the best option is to give up your car altogether! There are some people who will never make good drivers, no matter how hard they try, and who in spite of having obtained a licence really shouldn´t be in charge of a car! If you´re one of them, consider whether you should find alternative (and safer) means of transport …

There are lots of helpful tips for bad drivers, so all is not lost if you´re a bit of a hazard on the roads – you really can improve your standard of driving. Nervous drivers can find ways of making the experience easier as well. It takes quite a lot of effort, but is worth it for the freedom that driving offers. Have you ever known anyone who should never have been given a licence – or are you a dangerously disastrous driver yourself?

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