7 Types of People You'll Meet in High School ...


7 Types of People You'll Meet in High School ...
7 Types of People You'll Meet in High School ...

You never know what to expect from the next four years of your life until you become aware of the types of people you’ll meet in high school. Regardless of the fact that most schools have diverse populations, many of the people can still be sorted out into distinct groups. I won’t say that these people are the exact copy of the stereotypical characters we see in films, but they will more likely fit most of the description of their category. Here are 7 types of people you’ll meet in high school.

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Social Butterflies

One of the first types of people you’ll meet in high school is the social butterfly. And there is a reason why you will meet them first. They are the ones who have good relationships with everyone in the school and never seem to lack in energy when it comes to socializing. Somehow they get along with everyone and everyone else has only good things to say about them. I tend to view these people with fascination because I can’t wrap my head around the idea of getting along with everyone I meet!


The Overachiever

Now I wouldn’t call these people ‘nerds’ because this term often carries a bad connotation with it. These people work hard on their grades and are motivated to be on top of their education. However this doesn’t mean that they don’t have a social life or lock themselves at home to study, because most of the time these people can balance all parts of their lives even if it doesn’t seem like it. There is a reason why they are so organized and prepared in school!


The Quiet Ones

A good amount of people in high school usually enjoy their personal space and being by themselves. They don’t depend on a group of people throughout their day and instead exercise independence. However this doesn’t mean that these people don’t have friends and are completely anti-social; this group of people just enjoys their own company!


The Jocks

Although there are some people in high school who perfectly fit the stereotypical criteria of regular jocks, many of them are usually not just all muscle and no brain, because some are equally as talented in educational areas of school. These people tend to join every sport that the school has to offer and not surprisingly, they are good at all of them.


The Class Clowns

These are the people who make our time spent in class a little more entertaining and bearable. They find humor in every discussion and enjoy lifting the boring ambiance in the class. Sometimes the teachers may find them a nuisance, while others appreciate the combination of humor and learning.


The Troublemakers

Of course a regular class in school would be nothing without troublemakers. These are the people who choose not to care about what is going on in class and enjoy bothering their teachers. They might be the type of people who learn more outside of school through life experiences than in class surrounded by four walls. Nonetheless they often choose not to follow the school protocol and be their own person.


The Hipsters

Another category of people that you are likely to meet in school is the hipsters. This is a group of people that tends to avoid mainstream tendencies and instead follows its own independent thinking. Whether it is their style, song choices or interests, their outlook on life is one of a kind!

These are the main groups of people that you are more than likely to meet through the course of your high school career. While some might not fit into any of these categories, others would surprisingly match with one of these perfectly. If you had to categorize yourself into one group, which one would you choose?

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I guess i'm always going to be a quiet one, although i think i'm a bit of a hipster these days!

Quiet nerd in high school!!

Nerd doesn't have a bad connotation! Nerds rule!!!

I feel like I'm a combination between social butterfly, overachiever, and troublemaker...

im social butterfly and hipster!

I had a really bad experience just for being introvert i despise high school

Some people act like hipsters but really aren't. I think I'm a jock.

I was (& still am) one of the Quiet Ones. Though I think I may be a little bit of a Hipster as well. :)

disagree with the hipster description: hipsters actually share a common bond of the need to let others know they support non conformity - but in thinking they are cool in acting different from everyone else, they are actually just the same

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