7 Types of Students You'll Find around Your College Campus ...


7 Types of Students You'll Find around Your College Campus ...
7 Types of Students You'll Find around Your College Campus ...

When you attend college, you’ll see all types of students. You’ll become friends with some of them and be annoyed by the others. The people you meet might fall into one category or be a mix of different groups. Next time you’re on campus, keep an eye out for these easily identifiable types of students.

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Sweet Dreamer

Whether you’re in the middle of class or walking past a bench outside, you’re bound to see someone sleeping. Sometimes the culprits are hard workers that only have time to rest between classes, while others are partiers who are too hung over to keep their eyes open. The types of students that curl up on indoor couches can be bothersome, because they take up the entire seating area. If you end up close to them, their snoring and potential drooling can also be an issue. If you feel the need to sleep on campus, try to find a place that’s somewhat private.


Ready to Party

Some girls (and guys) dress like they’re ready to hit the club. There’s nothing wrong with wearing what you want when you want, but some clothes are just not practical. Deciding to wear heels when you have to walk across campus in the snow isn’t the best idea. If you want to wear a tight-fitting dress in the middle of winter, go for it. Just expect to be uncomfortable.


Technology Addict

You’ll be listening to your professor speak when you notice the person in front of you typing away on their laptop. You assume they’re taking notes, but on closer inspection you see that they’re chatting on Facebook. When they get bored of that, they’ll scroll down Tumblr or look at memes. Then when their phone buzzes, they’ll switch to texting. Out of all of the things that they end up doing during class, paying attention isn’t one of them.



When it’s time for midterms and finals, you’re going to see some new faces. It’s not rare for people show up on the first day of class and then disappear. When professors don’t take attendance, students feel like they don’t need to attend class. They only show up on testing days and take the rest of the semester off. Of course, they might need to retake the course once they flunk for not knowing any of the material.


Gourmet Eater

It seems like no one ever settles for a simple sandwich anymore. You might get stuck sitting next to a student who brings in smelly food and wish you could move your seat. The scent can be distracting and might even make you feel sick. On the other hand, it could smell delicious and cause your stomach jealousy. If that’s the case, try to carry a snack with you at all times in case the munchies strike.


Smoke and Mirrors

Speaking of the munchies, there are people who smoke and aren’t afraid to admit it. Even if your campus is supposed to be smoke-free, there are people who are going to break the rules. You might not actually see them with a joint or cigarette, but you’ll definitely smell it. If you’re not a smoker, it can be difficult to sit next to someone who is for an 80 minute class. So choose your seat carefully.


Musical Mayhem

It doesn’t matter how fantastic your music taste is, people aren’t going to want to hear your songs blasting from your headphones. If you’re walking around campus, it’s acceptable. But if you’re entering a silent classroom, lower the volume. Some students become a distraction by pumping their tunes through the room. Others don’t even have any music playing, but keep their Beats on to show them off.

If you attend college, I’m sure you recognize these students. Do you fall into any of these categories? Or are one of them your pet peeve?

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This is hilarious, but also extremely true!

Wow! Thanks to Holly Riordan about this article. Cause, this is so useful for me as a new Student college in this year :)

I'm none of these but I've experienced seeing people from all of these categories! Haha

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