7 High School Myths You Should Debunk Today ...


7 High School Myths You Should Debunk Today ...
7 High School Myths You Should Debunk Today ...

If you are about to start high school or it’s already your first year, I want to help you understand what high school really is, and which high school myths you should debunk today. No, don’t expect Regina George and her clique to kick you off their table in the cafeteria, or to be shoved in a locker on your first day; sometimes high school life portrayed in movies is very far from the truth! Here are 7 high school myths that you should be aware of...

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Freshman Fridays

You can breathe easy on your first day because freshman Friday is one of the top high school myths! Although upperclassmen do feel superior to the incoming freshman, they won’t get physical. Unless of course you mess with the wrong kids, but other than that, don’t stress. It’s even possible that your first friend in school may actually be a senior!


These Will Be the Best Years of Your Life

I don’t want to be too negative, but no matter what anyone says, high school experiences are different for everyone. It’s the period of your life when you grow up and find out who you are, and while those are the best memories for some, they are not for others. Nonetheless, high school is a period of your life you will never forget!


High School Friends Are Friends for Life

Here you are, coming into high school with your middle school friends, expecting to be friends until the end — but stop right there, because many things can change through the course of 4 years. High school is the time to find yourself, and if you and your friend are not looking for the same thing, chances are that you would go your separate ways. So don’t depend too much on your old friends and let independence take over.


Appearance is Key

Yes, it is true you become more aware of your fashion sense during your high school years, but it doesn’t mean that your appearance is crucial for your social life. Most of the time everyone is so caught up with upcoming exams that sweats, t-shirts and sneakers become the school uniform. So don’t stress about your outfit every morning and go with your mood!


Food Fights

The number one trope in all Hollywood movies about high school is food fights. Food fights have a minuscule chance of happening because well … not everyone has the guts to start one. The reason being is that there are repercussions to your actions that can go on your record!


Party Every Friday

Although this may lower your excitement about entering high school, I have to tell the truth about high school parties: they are rare! If your school is as big as mine, there will never be a party for the whole school. Most of the time parties are low key between several groups of friends and there is nothing more to it. So don’t expect to party weekly!


Popularity is Everything

High school is not one big Mean Girls movie, with popular clique running the whole school. Come to think of it, there is no popular clique. Although some people are more outgoing than others, most of the time the school is so big that nobody cares about your popularity. So if you find your group of friends and fit in, and you should be set with your social life!

Movies, TV shows and media often represent high school way different than what it actually is, which is why it's important to be aware of high school myths. Although I only listed 7, there are much more. Which other myths about high school do you think should be debunked today? Share with me in the comments!

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freshman friday actually happens in my school !

This is awesome. I'm entering high school for grade 7 (I'm in Australia) and I'm terrified.


Great article

Highschool is the best life

There are definitely the popular cliques, and unfortunately they kinda do run the school

Whoever said high school is the best 4 years of your life must have been completely mental. It was the most miserable 4 years of my life ESPECIALLY senior year! :C

If you went to my school then yeah there were parties every Friday.. And Sunday too.

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