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7 Things You Dont Think Will Happen after High School but They Will ...

By Holly

After high school ends, there are some things that are sure to happen to you. After graduation, you'll see the world differently and be expected to act more like an adult. You shouldn't be scared of the changes, but embrace them. Even if you try to resist, there are things that will occur after high school.

Table of contents:

  1. No names
  2. Lose touch
  3. More comfortable
  4. Won't run
  5. Still studying
  6. You're really ready
  7. Best of times

1 No Names

You won't forget the names of your best friends, but there are acquaintances you'll struggle to remember. You might be able to see their face, but won't be able to quite place their names. It seems like you'll never be able to forget the kid you went to school with for a dozen years, but after spending a decade apart, you'll be surprised what you'll forget. There will be some memorable teachers and crushes that you'll never forget every detail about, but others that will be a distant memory. After high school, you'll find yourself struggling to put once familiar names to faces.

2 Lose Touch

Again, hopefully this won't happen with your closest pals, but you're going to lose touch with a decent amount of people. It might surprise you which people you end up keeping in touch with. You'll also have to become okay with the fact that you won't see your friends as much as you used to. Unless you're going off to college together, you won't be in the same building every day like you were used to. You have to get used to being a bit distant.

3 More Comfortable

If you have problems with anxiety or have social issues of any kind, they'll get better once you enter the 'real world.' They might not disappear completely, but life outside of high school can make you feel more comfortable. You're not stuck with the same exact people and forced to fit into a certain stereotype. You have more room to breathe and be an individual. After high school, you have the opportunity to forget about who you were in the past and create a new appearance for yourself.

4 Won't Run

Some of us run the other way when we see someone we know at the store. Once you graduate, you might think that you'll never want to run into your fellow students again. However, as the years pass, it'll be interesting to see those that you used to know. You can see how much they've changed physically and emotionally. Plus, most people become nicer once they graduate and will treat you with respect.

5 Still Studying

Some people mistakenly think that you don't have to study or learn in any way once you graduate. Even if you decide to skip college, you'll be learning new things at work or at home. You can't go through life without learning new things, so don't think that your hard work is over. In fact, it's just beginning.

6 You're Really Ready

A lot of people are worried about graduating, because they don't think they're ready to be out of school. The truth is, you're more prepared than you think. Life will be a whole lot different outside of school, but you have the materials to handle it all. It's natural to be scared of what the future entails, but you'll be able to manage whatever life throws at you.

7 Best of Times

For some reason, people say that your high school years are the best years of your life. That may be true for some people, but not for everyone. It's impossible to lump everyone into the same category. The best times in your life are whenever you make them. Don't think that all of your fun is over because school ends. Your best days are just beginning.

Life after high school can feel like you're entering a new world. Do any of these things apply to those of you who've already graduated? If you're still in school, are you scared of leaving high school or excited for the change?

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