7 Tips on How to Survive College Move-in Day ...


7 Tips on How to Survive College Move-in Day ...
7 Tips on How to Survive College Move-in Day ...

Whether it is your first time or your last time, everyone needs tips on how to survive college move-in day. You pack up and make that drive to your campus dorm or off-campus apartment. All the while, you think this will be a synch. You get in, put some stuff down, and get off to ushering in a new year of college life. Well, use these tips on how to survive college move-in day, and move-in will go just like that.

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Pack in an Organized Manner

This is one of the most important tips that will help you survive college move-in day. Simply throwing your luggage randomly into the back of your car or your parent's vehicle won’t do. You got to pack in a way that will allow you to get to items easily and without creating a big pile up. Also, if you are anything like me, you will probably carry off your whole room along with whatever you’ve accumulated over the summer for your living space. Pack with organization in mind and save yourself from having to make multiple trips home or having to leave things behind.


Bring Lots of Bottles of Cold Water

My friends always laugh at me when I say that move-in is like a workout, but it is! Making repeated trips to the car, unloading luggage, and arranging a room is a full body workout. Please bring along water to keep hydrated and cool. The last thing you want is to start off your new school year overheated and dehydrated.


Ask Your Family and Friends for Help

Your greatest assets are your family and friends, so ask them for help. Be sure to ask head of time. Let’s say a month prior to your move-in. That way you won’t have to battle a hectic move-in day by yourself. Plus, this will allow for some funny and sweet memories that you don’t want to miss out on.


Know Your Move-in Time/Schedule

Each campus dorm and off-campus apartment has its own schedule for your college move-in. You should make sure that you have that info at least a month in advance. Then two weeks before your scheduled, move-in call again just to make sure that things have not changed. This is just one way to make sure that you are super prepared.


Complete Paperwork in Advance

Many residences require that you fill out forms on insurance and billing before you get access to your living quarters. Your off-campus apartment complex may even have utilities and such that need to be set up weeks in advance. Go ahead and take care of all of that paperwork. It will save you time and worry when all you really want is to get the move-in process done quickly.


Bring Hanging/Space-Saving Supplies

It is no secret that some dorms and apartments designated for students have very little space. That’s o.k. Use space savers like under the bed shoe holders and closet cubicles to help you make the most of your space. Hanging clips and tacks are always a necessity for posters, pictures, etc. Just don’t wait until move-in day to pick them up. Getting these few things in advance can make a world of difference on move-in day.


Don’t Get Frustrated

Keep calm. Keep cool. Move-in day is just the beginning of an exciting college year. Don’t let small frustrations ruin your day. It’s only a few hours that help make the rest of your year a success. Be kind and courteous to anyone you run into on that day. Trust me, from the parents to the office workers, no one has it easy on that day.

I hope your college move-in day is swift and kind of fun. Your new year is just beginning and anything is possible. Hip Hip, Hooray! Do you think these tips will save you on your college move-in day?

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