7 Ways to Get Higher Grades on Tough Tests ...


If you’re trying to get into a good college or land a good job, there are ways to get higher grades. You want your transcript to represent how intelligent you actually are, so you should always try your hardest. If you struggle on tests, there are ways to get higher grades. Try out these tips to see if you boost your score on your next exam.

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Electronics off

During class, keep your phone off. Don’t just put it on silent and check it every time the teacher’s not looking. If you want to fully absorb what’s going on in class, then you can’t be worried about responding to the funny texts your friends are sending you. One of the ways to get higher grades is to put away your phone for a few hours and focus on class. Keep it out of sight or even take out the battery in order to avoid temptation. If you need to check the time, invest in a watch.


Spread It out

We’ve all saved our studying for the night before a test. If you’re expected to know a lot of information, try to spread out your learning over a few days before the test. If you cram everything at once, it’ll be harder to remember it all. If you learn a little one day and a little the next, you’ll retain it better. Make sure you plan ahead and study ahead.


Friendly Distance

If you’re really struggling with a class, you might want to choose a seat away from your friends. If they know the material or don’t care about their grade, they can distract you. They can cause you to have side conversations and to ignore what the teacher is saying. If your friends are talkative, try to keep your distance from them during class. Once the lesson is over, you’ll have plenty to talk about.


Eat and Sleep

If you cram the night before a test, you might not get enough sleep. Sleeping and eating are essential to a fully functional mind. If you’re hungry or tired while filling in answers, it could reflect in your grade. You don’t want to do poorly, because you didn’t plan your time wisely. Make sure you complete any essential activities before you sit down at your desk.


Always Ask

If you’re confused about something in class, ask your teacher. If you’re more comfortable talking to a friend that’s acing the course, ask them instead. If there are office hours or extra help, take advantage of the opportunities. Asking a few simple questions could clear up a topic you were having difficulty with. You’re expected to ask questions in life, so don’t be scared to do so in class.


Last, but Not Least

Don’t be worried about being the last person to finish a test. It can be nerve-racking to know that the majority of the class is finished when you’re still on the first page, but try to calm down. If your nerves get to you, you’re going to have trouble concentrating. Try to drown out everyone around you. Focus on your test and nothing else.


Consider the Format

If you’ve taken a test in a certain class before, you know how the teacher formats the test. If they only care about definitions, then you need to practice your memorization skills. If they ask you to write essays, then you need to remember a few specific details about the topic at hand. You don’t have to study the same way for every single class. Some classes require a different kind of knowledge than others do.

Never take a test without trying your best. How do you study for important tests? Do your techniques work well?

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I needed all this info.

who was this two months ago for my biology class.

Unfortunately, in the class that I struggle in, the teacher kind of just expects us to know everything already. Whenever I ask him questions, he just repeats what he just explains and leaves it at that

Use the chapter/review questions in the textbook,to test your knowledge...it's something that wouldn't work for every class,but it helps you to know important points in the reading. Also,if you're in front of the computer...if you're not using it or don't want temptation to get you...turn it off or at least put it on sleep/hibernate mode.

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