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You may be bubbling with care package ideas for college students or stuck on what to get. No matter which is it, I’m here to help! If you know what to send, then get it out because one of the best things in college is learning you have mail. If you don’t, don’t worry because here are my tips on care package ideas for college students!

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Silly String

Make sure to include this in your care package. This care package idea for college students is great because it breaks up the stress of focusing on classes and mixes in a little fun. I got this as a gift from a friend and I couldn’t wait to pull a prank on my roommate. Luckily my roommate and I are best friends, so she was able to laugh off the sudden attack of silly string that her boyfriend and I had planned. I definitely think this should be on your care package checklist.


Gift Cards

We’ve all heard college kids are broke. So any gift cards you want to include would be more than appreciated. It gives them the opportunity to be social with friends in town but not worry about finances. Consider a place they can grab lunch, like Panera Bread, or maybe coffee, like Starbucks. Think about the recipient and give them what would be best for them.


Home-Made Food

The cafeteria on campus begins to get smaller and smaller as the semester progresses. I always love getting a batch of home-made cookies or other goodies. They’re thoughtful, yummy, and perfect for college students. Consider sending them in a cute tin that can later be used for storage in the room. And make sure to send enough to share with friends!


Coloring Books

My friends and I all agree that coloring books are a lovely invention for college students. I would have my friends over to color on school-nights when I was finished with homework but not really up to doing anything in particular. My guy friends liked it too, as soon as it became a competition. I highly suggest including crayons because your college student might not have any on hand.


Hand-Written Letter

To personalize your care package, make sure to include a hand-written letter. There’s something personal about hand-written vs typed letters. And knowing that you are thinking about them means a lot when they are getting stressed with the rhythm of schoolwork. It’s something they can always go back to, especially if it’s filled with helpful advice on how to get through the semester when things get rough. So sit down and write!



Send movies for your college student to enjoy! It could be classics that they love or ones they’ve requested. Either way, it’s nice to get them. Suggest they host a movie night to entertain friends. I always loved doing this with the girls on my floor!



To make the care package personal, why not add some photos on the inside of the box? That way you can surprise them with candy and nostalgia! If you look online, there are also various ways to decorate the inside of boxes. It just adds a spirit to it that a boring old brown box doesn’t have. It may not be a long-term gift but it’ll make them smile when they open it for sure!

Care packages are always a good idea to send to college students. If you fill them with goodies and gifts, it’s bound to brighten your undergrad’s day. What are other things you like adding to care packages?

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Most of this stuff I can't send because my brothers going to West Point, so any ideas on what I could send to him?

This is such a great idea! My boyfriend is going to university this year & I would love to send him something like this to him for his first term & I know he'd really love all this stuff! Thank you!

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