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22 Essential to Bring to College ...

By Annie

As fall approaches, for a lot of people COLLEGE IS HERE! This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for since the start of middle school. As much fun as it is to be on our own, it’s also extremely important to be prepared. Below are some essentials to bring to college - a list created from sheer personal experience. Check it out!

1 Laptop

This college essential is something you can’t miss. Having a laptop just makes everything so much easier. There’s no more need to run to the library to quickly check your emails or print homework. If a fancy schmancy laptop isn’t your thing, there’s a ton of brands and prices to choose from.

2 Cell Phone + IPod

A cell phone is especially important - possibly the most important college essential. It’s what connects you with your family back home, your new friends and everyone in between. An iPod or some sort of Mp3 is also an essential. It’s just always good to have some music lying around!

3 Fitted Bedding + Sheets

This college essential is something that you might need to look into a little bit before making a purchase. Figure out what time of bed you’ll be given in your dorm/apartment and definitely try to buy your sheets and comforters before you arrive. This way you won’t have to spend a single night on a dirty bare mattress.

4 Hair Dryer

Sometimes hair dryers are provided in dorms but it’s always great to be prepared! If you’re a regular hair dryer user it’s best to just bring your own. You might think air-drying your hair in the summer is fine, but just wait till you wake up 20 minutes before a class and it’s snowing outside.

5 Shower Shoes

Shower shoes are a must-have in a dorm environment. Most of the time, a pair of non-slippery flip-flops will do - as long as it keeps your feet from touching the nasty bathroom floors.

6 Shower Caddy

If you don’t have your own bathroom, you will need a shower caddy. There are so many varieties available where you can stuff in almost all of your hygiene products from big bottles of shampoo to toothbrush and towels. Make sure it’s water resistant and sturdy!

7 Heels

Part of the college experience is being away from home and partying your face off. Depending on how much of a party animal you are, pack at least 2 pairs of heels so you don’t get caught at a rave with some dingy Converses.

8 Bottle Opener

No one wants to be caught with a room full of people and no bottle opener! Don’t be this person! It’s just so easy to buy a bottle opener with a magnet. Now all you need is a few cases of beer and let the parties begin!

9 Tylenol/ Advil

On the note of partying, painkillers are order. After a crazy night out, the last thing you want to do is crawl out of bed for your 8 a.m. class. Painkillers will help that hangover and make your class just a little bit less miserable. Be very cautious about taking medicine though, especially if you take prescription medications, too.

10 Alarm Clock

Your alarm clock will be your best and worst friend in college. This is definitely a college essential because you’re not going to wake at 8 a.m. by yourself. You can surely use your phone as an alarm but we’ve all been there when it doesn’t follow through. Save yourself the hassle and buy a loud and obnoxious alarm clock.

11 Hangers

Hangers are a lot more important than you think they might be. With all your winter coats and possibly formal clothing, shoving them in a dresser just won't do. You can most of your room supplies once you get to college, but it’s always good to bring some with you just in case. Keep clothes hanging, keep it classy!

12 Formal Clothing

This college essential is something you might not even think about until it’s too late. College is a time of partying, but it’s also the very beginning of your career. Make sure to at least have one formal outfit in case you happen to land a kickass internship and you need something appropriate to wear to the interview.

13 Gym Clothes

Ah yes the freshmen 15. We’ve all heard about the dreaded pounds that come with college. Have no fear, for some gym clothes and the student gym can help you fight those pounds. Who knows, maybe you’ll even lose a few!

14 Laundry Basket + Detergent

This is a very important college essential - especially if you want to stay clean and smell lemony. College is all about being independent and figuring out who you really are. Are you really going to be a smelly Nelly? Don’t be that girl!

15 Large Towels

Large bath towels are a college essential for reason. Whether it’s using it as a robe substitute for walking back to your room or just having the luxury of drying yourself off with a large fuzzy towel after a long day, you need to stock up on these! Also make sure you wash them once a week so they stay clean and fresh.

16 Storage Box/Bag

This is another college essential you might not have thought of. You’ll have a lot of winter clothes or random junk you don’t need right away so some storage is very realistic. If there’s room under your bed, perfect! If not, consider purchasing some storage boxes that could easily fit in your closet or even in the corner of your room.

17 Power Strip + Converters

A cell phone charger, an iPod charger, your laptop charger, your lamp and a night-light? You’re going to need a power strip. These are extremely cheap and come in assorted sizes, but be careful about the plugs and their compatibility. If you are going overseas, buy a converter before hand so you’re not left with a power strip that doesn’t even fit.

18 Air Freshener

Every room needs to smell fresh. Invest in a good air freshener - not the cheap ones from the dollar store. A fresh room is a nice room and you’ll definitely want to hang around or study in a nice room.

19 Good Headphones

This one is super important if you’re a fan of good music, but also if you think your roommate might be romantically active (if you know what I mean). Invest in some good noise-cancelling headphones and you won’t regret it!

20 Condoms

College. Boys. Booze. You know the drill. Keep it safe, guys, because safe sex is fun sex! No one wants to spend college with a nasty STD or worse- being preggers!

21 Brita Water Filter

This is a college essential that some might argue isn’t something everyone needs. WRONG! Do you want to drink icky tap water or do you want to drink filtered clean water at the low price of $15? Buy a Brita filter at the drug store and you’ll be drinking much better water. It’s definitely a college must-have!

22 Calendar/schedule/planner

This college essential is something everyone should’ve thought of. No matter how smart you there, you’re bound to forget a deadline or exam date if you don’t write them down. These planners come in a variety of sizes, prices and level of detail. Make your choice and stay organized!

Now it's time to get packing, right? Print this list and check them off as you pack, so you don't forget anything. What other college essentials have you packed? Want to add to the list? SHARE AWAY!

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