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When you are in college, you’re bound to encounter some of the most outrageous drunk alter-egos. You could have the most quiet and reserved girl, but after a few drinks, she is running around, dancing her heart out, and yelling up a storm. A drunk alter-ego is when you act completely different than you would sober. Not every girl has one, but here are some of the most common college drunk alter-egos you might run into.

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The One Who Can’t Stop Dancing

Unlike the other drunk alter-egos, this one might actually get some cardio in from going out. As soon as that music starts playing, this girl can be found on the dance floor shaking it. This drunken alter-ego has to dance, even if there is no music. Some might even go as far as to sing, just so they have something to move to. To some, this drunk alter-ego is fun to have around because you always have a dance partner. But to others, the girl who can’t stop dancing is kind of annoying to be with.


The One Who Loves Compliments

Okay, confession time. As soon as a sip of alcohol touches my lips, I compliment everyone around me. I may be biased towards this drunk alter-ego because it is me, but that’s okay. This alter-ego might be more fun to be around because you will always feel awesome about yourself. No matter what you are wearing, how you are acting, or who you are with, this drunk alter-ego will shower you with compliments until she can’t flatter you anymore.


The One Who Flirts with Everyone

Everyone has that one friend who can always be found talking to boys the entire night. The flirtatious alter-ego is the girl who is dancing, talking, or even kissing with boys…all night. They ditch their girls and are on a mission to find a boy for the night.


The One Who Loses Everything

You know the song “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off” by Joe Nichols? Well, that is basically this drunk alter-ego. As soon as the drinking starts, they lose everything. They wake up without their phone, their credit card is nowhere to be found, the left their jacket at the bar, and they are missing half their jewelry.


The One Who Thinks She is a Dude

Bring out the beer with this alter-ego! The girl who thinks she is a dude will be hanging with the guys, talking sports, and probably shot-gunning beers. This drunk alter-ego doesn’t care about what is considered “appropriate” for a girl when she drinks. If she wants to hang out with the guys, she is going to do it.


The One Who Always Cries

I am truly sorry if this is your drunken alter-ego because it does not seem fun. The girl who is always crying when she drinks isn’t the best friend to bring out with you. I would be hesitant to bring this friend out with you unless you want to spend your night comforting her as she sobs to you.


The One Who Has to Eat Everything

Confessions part two right now. When I drink, I come home and eat literally everything in sight at my apartment. And most of it is usually super unhealthy. This drunk alter-ego will probably convince you to stop at every fast food place on the way home. But be careful, you might end up packing on a few pounds if you go out with this friend too much.

Not everyone has a drunk alter-ego, but those who do can be especially fun to go out with. It can be pretty hilarious to see their alter-egos take over with every sip of alcohol. But make sure you know of their alter-ego before you take them out or you might have to deal with an entirely new friend. Do any of your friends have funny drunk alter-egos? Do you have a drunk alter-ego? Have you had any funny encounters with common college drunk alter-egos?

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Forgot the one who laughs soo hard until she pees lol

Happy drunk

I've never been drunk but I have been tipsy I'm the can't stop laughing kind the one prone to making jokes

The most important 2 is the sleepy drunk and the angry drunk!! Luckily I'm the dance drunk

Haha this article reminds me of a video that Danisnotonfire made called "The Five Different Types of Drunk People".

I just get insanely happy. I'm like 1,2 and a bit of 3

And the giggly drunk! Some people just giggle at everything and smile constantly even thought they don't really know what's going on!

Never drink but would really wanna know my drunk alter ego. Haha.

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