7 Ways to Start Fresh in a New School Year ...

By Hayley

7 Ways to Start Fresh in a New School Year ...

The new school year has started and this is your opportunity to start fresh and create new opportunities for yourself! Get it going ladies! Here are 7 ways to start fresh in a new school year... who needs New Year's resolutions?

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Join a New Club…

Clubs are a fabulous way to start fresh in a new school year. Not only are you adding to your list of extracurricular activities, you are also having fun and meeting new people! There are so many amazing benefits to joining clubs, and if you’d like to shake off a previously bad year, they could open new doors to a great year.


Sit Next to Someone You Don’t Know in Class…

It is so easy to find a friend or acquaintance and plop down right next to them to avoid awkward times with someone new, however, I highly recommend just taking the plunge and sitting next to someone you don’t know. It will be a little weird at first, but after a while you might have a new friend. New friends are always awesome because you get to experience new things, a key in starting fresh.


Keep up with Studying…

If you didn’t have a particularly good academic year, the new school year is a new opportunity to start fresh. It is really easy to figure out what you could have done better as far as study habits go, and with a new school year you can take what you learned, adjust and start fresh. You can always bring up your GPA, it just takes a new work ethic!


Apologize to Anyone Who Deserves It…

Apologizing to someone is never an easy task, but there are those who do legitimately deserve it. If you take the time to make it right with those you have wronged, things will get better. It is easy to just ignore and move on, but you lose those special people in your life. Instead of just hoping you can avoid those specific people, say sorry and see where it takes you.


Write It All down and Tear It up…

This is one of the less serious methods, but it does actually help! If you write down all of the things bothering you about the last school year, put them in an envelope, and tear it up, it may make you feel better. Get everything out of your head and onto paper. Sometimes you need to tell someone, but can’t so why not tell some paper. It may seem silly, but it could help you start fresh in a new school year.

Famous Quotes

One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.

Albert Schweitzer

Check out a New Place…

Google cafés or restaurants around your area and try something new! Pick something that is different from your norm and just make the best of it, who knows you might find a new favorite place. Starting fresh is all about providing yourself with new experiences.


New Wardrobe…

I know money is tight for a lot of people these days, but there are ways to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Try going to thrift stores and shopping there, you can usually find a lot of cute things for very cheap. There are some stores, for example, Plato’s Closet, that specialize in gathering up the trends of the time and selling the gently used clothes for cheaper than what they would be in a normal store. These are great places to go and not spend a ton of money. There are also other stores such as Forever21, where clothes are relatively inexpensive to begin with! Be creative and try to expand the variety of your clothing!

Starting fresh in a new school year is a great thing, it means that you are ready for the challenge of bettering your life. Take it head on and make the best of the opportunity to start new! What other ways can you think of to start fresh in a new school year?

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Instead of tearing up the envelope I usually burn it it gives a gd feeling for some reason