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Along with college comes stress and a lack of sleep, but there are several ways to make it through college while still having fun. Most of the time people either party too much or stress themselves out by working too hard. That sounds impossible, right? Well it’s definitely not, and while this is one of many ways to make it through college, it won’t get you there without the attached stress. I am currently in my last year of college and I wish that I had started the semester off differently, but luckily there is still time to for me straighten things up a bit and make it easier to make it through successfully.

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Stay Away from outside Jobs

It is very important that you enjoy your college years, and avoid any unnecessary stress. College itself is a job and requires a lot of time that could be taken up if you get a job. After you graduate you will have the rest of your life to work, so don’t go out job hunting when you should be focusing on school. If you absolutely need a job, I would suggest searching for on-campus jobs. You won’t have to leave campus, and will probably be able to fit in time for homework. Desk assistants and similar on-campus positions don’t require you to do much but sit behind a desk, until a student needs assistance with something. Avoiding outside work is a great way to avoid extra stress and one of many ways to make it through college successfully.


Exercise Regularly

If you can, fit some form of physical activity into your daily routine. Personally I would rather exercise outside the gym, so if I have time to walk around the campus or play a quick game of basketball, I do. Exercising benefits you in several ways, helping you maintain physical fitness but also keeping your stress levels down. If you feel overwhelmed with the college life, exercising will keep you happy, while helping you avoid gaining that extra weight a lot of students end up putting on. Let’s make it through college as healthy and as stress free as we can.


Eat a Balanced Diet

I did really well with eating healthy during my freshman and sophomore years, but I let my healthy habits slip going into my junior year. When you make it into those last years of college things only get harder and harder, and you start making exceptions because you have less time. Cooking a healthy meal turns into a quick run to the nearest fast food place so you can have time to complete all the work you’ve been assigned. Stock your dorm with things like fruit and granola bars so you will have something to grab if you don’t have time to cook. There are even quick healthy meals to make so that you can still cook, Google a few.


Do Your Homework before You Go out

Socializing and having fun is important in college, but you should always put your work first. If you know you want to go to that party that a fraternity/sorority is throwing that night, go ahead and do your homework so you won’t have to rush and do it before your class. I have had to do this before and it’s not fun, because more than likely you will be tired from the night before and your work won’t be the grade-A work you wanted it to be.


Don’t Stay out Too Late

Give your body the sleep it deserves. Don’t stay out all night if you know you have early classes the next day. Of course it won’t be the cool thing to do, but who cares? You do what you have to do to feel well rested and ready to face whatever your professors throw at you. Being well rested also enables you to perform at your best. So if you are tired you definitely won’t listen and learn at your full potential.


Don’t Procrastinate

Do your work ahead of time. A lot of my friends tell me they have written their best papers at the last minute, but what about all the stress it caused them? It may be true that you turn in a grade-A paper that you did the night before, but you could have easily done the same ahead of time and without the stress. Procrastinating only leads to long nights, so let’s try and avoid it.


Present Yourself as a Hard Worker

It’s a great idea to go to class and participate daily. Show the professor that you are a good student, and even if you are not good at that subject, more than likely they will be willing to spend time helping you improve. Plus it gives you leeway with some things. I had a professor that did not allow make-ups for missed quizzes, but he allowed me to make one up, because he knew that I worked hard in his class. Show the professor your effort and they will show you lenience.


Find a Permanent Study Group

We all need a little motivation, and who better to motivate you than people within your major? They will understand just how tough you have it and can help you with your problem areas. Form a study group with them because more than likely they won’t distract you and can encourage you because they can relate. You will have a group to build up, and be built up by, all of your college years.


Don’t Slack off

Once you find a routine that works for you (one that is actually beneficial), stick with it. You want all of your college years to go well, so that you don’t have to spend extra years there. Plus your routine will prepare you for life after college, making you mature, organized and ready to face anything thrown at you. It will be hard to stick to your plan, but it will be worth it in the end.

Stress will come during college, but you will be prepared for it if you can do some of the things I’ve listed. In the end, even though it may have been hard, you will thank yourself, because not only will you have made it through college successfully, but you will be prepared for life after college. How do you plan to make it through college successfully?

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I'm from Holland and i don't understand america's school staten..so i have a few question that truly hope someone could answer . Would anyone be so kind to help me out? These are a selection of my questions: how old are you when you go to college? Does everybody go to college? Do you learn a profession in college? Is it normal to get a job after college or do you have to go to another school after college? Thank you!!

Hi to answer your question I am 18 when I go to college. I do learn a profession. it is very normal to get a job after college unless the economy is bad. and you can go and get a master's degree also if you want.

Hello, I am* a speech and hearing sciences major. I am already in my profession and I am a freshman. It all depends on your college's catalog.

I like the list but as someone who pays for school out of pocket, I don't agree with staying away from outside jobs. They teach you responsibility and how to manage your time better around work, school and free time.

Hello, I a speech and hearing science major.and I am already in my profession and I am a freshmen. It all depends on your college catalog.

Correction: that's should say "do not let those grades drop"

@Sterre, usually people who go to college are between the ages of 17-18. not everyone goes to college, but a majority of people do because they want to find better jobs later on, which a college degree will do for you. You usually learn a profession in college but most of that doesn't happen till your third year in college; college is usually 4 years long here. depending on the job market and what profession you decided to join, it can be easy or hard to get a job after college. most people go to get their masters degrees after they finish their 4 years and get their bachelor's. then after their masters they might try to get their phd in a specific field. The education system here is a long process. I hope this answers your question :)

School system* , damn you autocorrect haha

I don't agree with the idea of staying away from outside jobs. In this job market, employers do not like to hire new grads because they do not have a lot of experience, I suggest that you work a part time (or full time if you want) job in your field to get your foot in the door. It gives you an edge over other applicants. But do not let those grades job! It can be done.

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