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8 Pros and Cons of Taking an a.P. Course in High School ...

By Erica

Considering taking A.P classes in high school? Before you take the plunge, here's guest contributor Erica Long with her list of pros and cons for you to consider.

A.P. classes, which stand for Advanced Placement, are college level classes that you can take in high school. While these classes can be hard and fast paced there are many benefits to taking them, but there are also some cons to consider.

1 Pro: You Can Get College Credit

If you make a 3,4, or 5 on the AP Exam at the end of the course you can receive some college credit, which would mean that is one less class to take in college and less money you have to pay.

2 Pro: It Prepares You for College

Because the class is essentially a college class, it is at a faster pace and at a more challenging level than other classes. This will give you an idea of how a college class will be and while your other classmates are struggling their first year in college, you will be slightly more prepared.

3 Pro: It Boosts Your ACT and SAT Scores

Studies show that students who take A.P. level classes tend to go up in their ACT or SAT scores.

4 Pro: the a Counts for 5 Points Instead of 4

Ever wonder how some students manage to earn higher than a 4.0? They took A.P. classes. Usually, an A counts as 4 pts, a B 3 pts, a C 2pts, a D 1pt, and an F 0 pts. On an A.P. grading scale the A counts as 5 pts, the B 4 pts, the C 3 pts, the D 2 pts, and the F 1pt. Making a good grade in an A.P. class can really boost your G.P.A.

5 Pro: It Looks Good on Applications

Colleges love to see students who take A.P. classes! It shows you are a good student and that you can handle college life.

6 Con: You Cannot Be Lazy

In an A.P. class there is little room for slacking off and being lazy. The class is usually fast paced and if you do not do your homework you could quickly fall behind.

7 Con: It Can Be Overwhelming

If you are already struggling in school taking an A.P. class may not be the right choice for you. An A.P. class can take up a lot of your time and if you don't think you can keep up with the work or you aren't willing to put the work needed into the class then don't take one.

8 Con: the a.P. Exam is Tough

The A.P. Exam is hard. It is set up to where you are not expected to get everything right. The exam is also timed which just adds to the pressure. To make a 3, 4, or 5 you must be dedicated to studying and working hard.

While taking A.P. classes may seem intimidating there are many benefits of taking them. If you are a hard working student then A.P. classes are for you. Not only can you receive college credit , but you also are learning valuable skills you will need later on in college. Remember though, there are some downfalls to taking A.P. classes too, so be careful when considering to take one.

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