The Pros and Cons of Living on Campus Vs. off Campus ...

Leaving home and going to college or university is a big step. You will be facing a lot of new decisions, including whether to live on or off campus. This can be a difficult choice to make since there are pros and cons to both situations. The choice is even tougher if this is your first year living away from home. Where you live will make a big impact on your college experience, including in terms of finance and social situations.
Consider these advantages and disadvantages before you make the decision.

1. Pros of Living on Campus

There are plenty of great reasons to live on campus. Consider the following:
• Atmosphere - You can build camaraderie and close relationships with fellow college students who are having the same experience you are. Living on campus gives you the classic college experience.
• Social Life – When you live in a dorm with lots of other people, it’s easier to make friends and form new social bonds. There is always something going on on campus, which gives you lots of nearby opportunities to have a social life.
• Accessibility – When you live on campus, you are short walk from class, the library, the dining hall and computer labs. You can sleep late and still make it to class on time. It’s good exercise to walk everywhere too.
• Save Money – While you will have to pay for the dorm, you can save money on gas, public transportation and parking. Some dorms include meals so that will save you money on groceries too.

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