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7 Most Useful Tips for High School Newcomers ...

By Vladlena

I remember that in my freshman year of high school, I was clueless, which is why I wish somebody gave me tips for high school newcomers beforehand. So, if you are in high school right now or are just about to enter one, I want to share some tips that will definitely make your high school life easier if you follow them! Here are 7 of my most useful tips for high school newcomers!

1 Make Good First Impressions

Your first impression is everything! The first impression you make during the first week of school can affect the way your next four years turn out. If you make sure that your teachers know you as a hardworking and obedient student, it can make your life easier when you have small mess ups throughout the year. This, the first oh m tips for high school newcomers, is crucial in your survival guide!

2 Make One Friend in Every Class

The only way not to feel isolated while everyone else in your class chats with someone else, is to make a new friend in each class. I know how nerve wracking it can be to make new friends, but unless you want to be completely secluded from your class the whole year, it’s important to communicate in the first few weeks of high school!


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3 Keep up Your Grades

High school is the last step before college and if you don’t want to struggle your crucial junior year, it’s important to have good grades throughout your whole high school career. Not only will it make your junior year easier but your records would give your more flexibility and choices for college. Take challenging courses and try your hardest, because in the end it pays off!

4 Stay Involved in after School Activities

Time management is one skill you need to acquire before entering high school, because a lot of things are expected of you. Besides having good grades, being involved in sports and clubs is a priority because colleges don’t just look at your grades, they want the whole package! In addition, you should spend your summer doing something colleges would be impressed with!

5 Don’t Give in into Peer Pressure

I am an eyewitness of many teens trying so hard to fit in with the "cool" crowd that they decide to completely change themselves. They throw away their education and morals, and decide to get involved in inappropriate activities. I never saw a point in it because in the end, what is there to be proud of... and if they want to have fun, there are other ways to do it!

6 Make Good Memories

Although I did say that education and extracurricular activities should be your top priorities, you should not forget to have clean fun with friends. You want to remember your high school life with good feelings, and that’s impossible to do when you can’t make time with friends and family. Again, like I said before, manage your time well and your high school experience should be one to remember!

7 Study for Important Exams in Advance

Procrastination is the biggest problem among high school students — trust me, I know. In order to avoid cramming before a final or AP exam, give yourself 1-2 hours a couple of days before the test daily to avoid failure and sleepless nights. It would also be a good idea to begin practicing taking SAT exams the summer of sophomore year, because that test is tricky and practice makes perfect!

Hopefully these tips for high school help alleviate some of your stress and help you get prepared. Which tips are your favorite? Are there any others that I missed? Share in the comments!

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