Modern World Survival Tips for Independent Girls ...


Modern World Survival Tips for Independent Girls ...
Modern World Survival Tips for Independent Girls ...

To live a healthy productive life, you need to be self-reliant. Being able to stand on your own two feet means mastering a basic set of skills. There are things you need to know how to do to be equipped to survive the modern world.

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Obviously – You Need to Know How to Use a Computer

Let’s be real, this one is pretty much unavoidable in 2024. Though lack of computer knowledge if generally reserved for the elderly, you should still make sure your own skills are up to scratch and kept up to date.


Run Effective Search Engine Queries

Aside from overall computer use, it really does pay off to be able to utilize Google’s (or any other) search engine effectively. It opens up a whole world of information.


Know How to Protect Your Online Identity

Don’t be careless. Personal identity theft is only fun for the thief.


Know Some Basic First Aid

It’s so useful to have some basic first aid knowledge. Being proficient in CPR or the Heimlich maneuver can literally save a life.


Know How to Drive a Stick Shift

Being able to drive both automatic and stick is a valuable skill to have. It means you will never be caught out.


Must Have Basic Cooking Skills

Every single person on the planet should be able to make at least a few basic dishes like an omelet or a stew.


Be Fight Smart

This can mean both knowing how to fight and knowing how to avoid a fight, whichever path you want to do down!


Be Able to Change a Tire

Free yourself from having to wait for a repair guy, learn how to switch out a tire on your own!


Know How to Nail a Job Interview

Once you have your job interview skills down, the world is literally your oyster in terms of prospective employment.


Be Able to Manage Your Time Effectively

We are all busier than we have ever been, so knowing how to split your time effectively is a key skill.


Know How to Travel Light

Train yourself not to get too bogged down in taking all of your personal possessions with you everywhere you go.


Be Prepared to Give Directions in Your Home Town

We all know how to get from A to B, but do we know all of the specific street names if somebody were to ask us for directions?


Knowing How to Swim is a Must

A staggering 71% of the earth is covered by water; it makes so much sense to have the skill that allows you to float on it!


Master the Art of Parallel Parking

Sometimes that easy spot isn’t available, but if you know how parallel park like a pro, then it shouldn’t be a problem!


Know How to Pick Good Produce

If you learn how to identify the best fruits and vegetables at the grocery store will give you more for your money, and will save you having to throw our rotten food before you have got round to eating it.


Can You Handle a Hammer, Axe or Handsaw?

It really pays off to have some average DIY skills. Knowing how to use a few different tools can really make a difference.


Stick to a Budget

Knowing your monetary limit is one thing, but training yourself not to continually go over it is the skill we all need to master.


Be Able to Complete Basic Exercises Properly

Even if you hate working out, knowing how to safely perform things like sit-ups and push-ups can do wonders for your physical health.


Be Able to Give a Compliment

Knowing how to give a compliment that feels authentic instead of creepy is a good skill to have, and can help you get by both at work and in your personal life.


Develop Good Negotiation Skills

You should never let anybody take advantage of you in life, and the power of negotiation is good to exercise every now and then to achieve a good compromise.


Have Some Basic Geography Knowledge

It’s actually embarrassing how little some people know about basic geography. Make sure you brush up your countries and continents knowledge so you don’t embarrass yourself!


Know How to Paint a Room

Did you know that the cost of hiring a painter for your house is about 90% labor? Cut out this cost by learning how to paint a room for yourself. It’s cheap and satisfying!


Flirting Should Be in Your Love Arsenal

Flirting can be a super awkward experience, but if you have your game down, then it turns from cringe to fun in no time.


Know What Makes a Good First Impression

Whether we like it or not, many of us judge a book by its cover, so make sure that you always make the best first impression you can.


Listen Carefully to Others

The more you listen and the less you talk, the more you will learn and the less you will miss.

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