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Memorable Survival Tips for Girls Heading into the Real World Post Graduation ...

By Valencia

If graduation is quickly approaching, you might be nervous and excited at the same time. Who doesn't enjoy a little independence? Unfortunately, surviving in the real world might be harder than you think. Whether you're graduating from high school and planning to get a full-time job right afterwards, or you're applying for a job after college, here's how to survive in the real world.

1 Don't Burn Bridges at Home

You may playfully tell your parents you're going to move out and live by your own rules. And yes, living on your own offers independence, but it's not as easy as you think. If you want to survive in the real world, you need to take baby steps. Even if you have a college degree and a job offer, this doesn't mean you're ready for your own place. You owe it to yourself to stay home a little while longer so you can save up and pay off debt before living on your own.

2 Credit Isn't Your Friend

You may feel anything is possible with a credit card in your wallet. But a credit card is a two-faced friend. It's okay to have an emergency credit card, but if you start applying for multiple accounts and maxing out these accounts, you can end up with a mountain of debt that takes years to pay off.


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3 Learn the Bus System

If you can pay cash for an inexpensive car – great. But if you want to survive the real world, consider skipping an expensive car payment to minimize expenses. Understandably, public transportation isn't an option for everyone, but if there's a bus or other metro transit system near your home or work, give it a try or walk. You can save money and squeeze in exercise.

4 Toughen up

The truth is, your boss might be a jerk and you might have issues with your coworkers. Some people are fortunate enough to love the environment they work in, but this isn't always the case. There are negatives to every job, and if you start job hopping every 3 to 6 months, you'll come off as fickle and you'll never learn how to deal with people in the real world.

5 Plan for the Worst Day Possible - Financially Speaking

You may not earn a lot of money early in your career, so when a home repair, a car repair or another unexpected expense happens, it can seem like the worst thing in the world. You need a rainy day fund to handle these expenses, or else you'll go crazy and drive yourself into debt.

6 Come Back to Reality

Living a life you can't afford isn't going to end well. There's always going to be someone who earns more money or has more material things than you. If you're spending more than you're earning trying to keep up with people who are probably broke themselves, you'll end up with nothing in the bank and debt.

7 Turn on the Stove

You can't survive on fast food. Not only does this get expensive, it's not healthy. Using the stove is much easier than you think, and with so many simple recipes floating around the Internet, you can easily learn how to prepare a handful of simple dishes that won't break your food budget.

Although many young adults are eager to start their adult life, few know how to make it in the real world. What are other tips for surviving after graduation?

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