A Realistic ✌🏼 Bucket List 📝 for College Girls 🏫 ...

Even though you'd love to join a study abroad program to travel across the seas and find the love of your life in your dining hall, those things might not happen. That's why it can help to have a more realistic bucket list for college. After all, sometimes the little things can be just as exciting as the big things. Here's a realistic bucket list for college girls that you should try to complete before the end of the semester:

1. Binge Watch an Entire Netflix Series

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If you're in college, Netflix is a normal part of your existence. There are probably tons of shows on your queue, but only a few that you've actually gotten to watch. That's why you should make it your mission to actually start and finish the series of your choice. That way, you'll have something to look forward to watching each day after you finish your homework.

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