How to Become a Better Feminist ...


How to Become a Better Feminist ...
How to Become a Better Feminist ...

Feminism is simply the "belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities." That's why all of us should consider ourselves feminists. According to Teen Vogue, here's how you can become a better feminist in 2022:

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Speak up and Have Uncomfortable Conversations

Speak up and Have Uncomfortable Conversations If someone mentions how selfish it is for a woman to focus on her career instead of trying to conceive children, speak up. Don't let the people around you get away with spitting out ignorant comments. Challenge their opinion, so they realize how ridiculous they sound.


Read, Read, Read

Read, Read, Read The more you read, the more you'll know. If you want to talk about equal pay or the rights of transgender women, then you need to educate yourself on the subjects first. Pour as much information as you can into your brain.


Try Not to Glamorize Celebrity Feminism

Try Not to Glamorize Celebrity Feminism Sure, there are plenty of celebrities, like Emma Watson and Nicki Minaj, who are feminists. Of course, they aren't the only feminists in the universe. Make sure you read books by other ladies, so that you hear their opinions, too.


Live, Breathe, Eat, and Sleep Interjectionally

Live, Breathe, Eat, and Sleep Interjectionally "White feminism, which is not just the feminism of white people, refers to a brand of feminism that views the world through a white lens. White feminism would not prioritize, nor would it accept #BlackLivesMatter as an issue of feminism, despite the fact that it is."

Do you consider yourself a feminist?

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When it comes to Feminism, a lot of the times, issues that affect people of color have been looked over because they do not affect white women. Regarding what @Son said, yeah it should be #alllivesmatter but in the eyes of the law and those who have sworn to "protect & serve", some lives are worth more than others. It has been shown time and time again. Innocent people of color being shot down while murders get taken in quietly and treated like humans instead of being shot in the street like animals. While it would be nice for skin color to not define people or limit opportunities to some and not others, that's not what America was founded on so that's not realistic. And to ignore it means one is close minded and ignorant. I think feminism should also include trans people as well. But that's just my opinion.

I'm lucky, my father was the one who taught me about feminism, suffragettes and their struggles, etc. By doing this he taught me how to fight for my rights and to be proud of being a woman. Thank you dad.

@Liz Not really sure what you're saying...apart from the fact that you're obviously not a Democrat. Also, feminists do no require "special treatment." They are literally fighting "special treatment" that often puts women at a disadvantage. I suggest you understand what a feminist truly is before bashing them

I am a bit dubious about feminism...

I think it should be #lives matter, rather than bring race into it. We are all women, regardless of colour and whether we are feminists or not. Whether women choose to be feminists or not should not be defined to any particular colour of skin, however, as you suggest I am going to read up on this as I may have missed something!! Great article apart from that!

The reason its #blacklivesmatter is because the world is already aware thst white lives matter. Basically #blacklivesmatter is saying #blacklivesmatter too!

@liz please read a real book on feminism not just what you hear from your uneducated shares on Facebook.

Although I agree for the most part. I am no clear in to your viewpoint on "white feminism" & #blacklivesmatter. Could you elaborate? I'm processing. Yes I am a feminist.

Why is this even necessary now? It is a label, one that is usually followed by I need special treatment because I can't do it on my own. That is bunk! I am an anti-feminist and want NEVER to be associated with this label. It is another title for Democrat/

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