Every College Girl Should do These 17 Things at Least Once ...


Every College Girl Should do These 17 Things at Least Once ...
Every College Girl Should do These 17 Things at Least Once ...

Even though college is the place where you're meant to get an education, you can still have fun while you're there. You just have to do the things that'll make you happy! Here are a few things that every college girl should do at least once:

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Go to a College Party

Go to a College Party You don't have to drink while you're there. Just make sure you introduce yourself to a few new people.


Decorate Your Dorm

Decorate Your Dorm You should be proud to invite others back to your dorm. The only way that'll happen is if you decorate it to make it look unique.


Visit the Gym

Visit the Gym In the future, you'll have to pay for a gym membership. But while you're in college, the gym is free for you to use. Don't forget that!


Get a New Haircut

Get a New Haircut College is the time to experiment. That's why you should try dying or cutting your hair at least once.


Cook a Meal for Your Roommates

Cook a Meal for Your Roommates Instead of eating campus food all the time, try to make something in your dorm's kitchen. Just make sure you cook enough for all of your roommates.


Go to a Club Meeting

Go to a Club Meeting There are plenty of different club meetings that you could attend. Pick one or two and see how much fun they really are.


Go to Office Hours

person, speech, audience, If you go to office hours, you'll get to know your professors better. That means you'll know exactly what they want to see in your essays, and you'll end up with a better grade.


Buy a Book Not Meant for Class

person, play, child, writing, learning, The books your professors force you to read aren't always interesting. That's why you should make time to read a book that wasn't assigned to you.


Ask for Classmate’s Number

Ask for Classmate’s Number College is the perfect place to make friends. Don't miss out on the opportunity.


Order Something New in the Dining Hall

Order Something New in the Dining Hall Don't eat the same boring meal for lunch every single day. Branch out by trying something new, even if it doesn't look the greatest.


Kiss a Stranger

Kiss a Stranger While you're at a college party, you might as well get cozy with a stranger. You don't have to sleep with him. Just give him a peck or two.


Sleep All Day

Sleep All Day School is draining. When you get a day off, don't hesitate to spend it sleeping. You need to catch up on your rest.


Go on a Study Abroad Trip

Go on a Study Abroad Trip If your school gives you the opportunity to travel to Paris, take it! you might never have the chance again.


Ask a Guy out

Ask a Guy out You shouldn't sit around waiting for men to ask you out. Take some initiative by asking them out yourself.


Explore Your Campus

Explore Your Campus There are plenty of places for you to visit on campus. Try out a restaurant you've never been to or visit a dorm you've never seen.


Become Friends with a Teacher

human action, person, writing, physical fitness, professional, When you're in college, your teachers will be a lot more chill than your old teachers ever were. That's why you might actually be able to make friends with one or two of them and keep in touch after you graduate.


Visit Friends at Another College

Visit Friends at Another College Don't neglect your high school friends now that you have new college friends. Take the time out to visit your buddies at their colleges.

You might as well enjoy college as much as you can while you're still there. How many of these things have you done before?

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Definitely gotta try this for the next few years.

I've already done most of these without realizing that they were a must haha

OMGGGGG Onew from SHINeee is #9💕💕💕

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