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What Every College Girl Does to Procrastinate ...

By Holly

Procrastination isn't healthy, but it's part of life--especially when you're in college. You'll do anything you can in order to put off studying. Here are a few things Her Campus thinks every woman has done:

1 Watch Netflix

METROPOHIS,Citytv,perfectly,fine,watch, There are so many shows to watch that you'll never be finished.

2 Read through Old Tweets

person,HILARIOUS, Or maybe you're going through your Tumblr page.

3 Wait for Likes on a Photo

color,black,image,art,illustration, After uploading a picture on Instagram, it's impossible to do anything else.

4 Shop Online

color,red,photography,beauty,model, After all, you need new clothes for class.

5 Check Facebook on Your Phone, then Go on Your Computer and Look at Facebook There, Too

hair,face,human action,head,hairstyle, Something might have changed in the last five minutes.

6 Get into the Weird Part of YouTube

person,speech,WHAT,THE,HELL, That happens after an hour of clicking on random videos.

7 Actually Cook Instead of Ordering Takeout

person,TROUBLE,1NE,FRESH,PRINCE, Cooking is better than studying.

8 Paint Your Nails

human action,person,mouth,singer,singing, You'd literally rather watch paint dry than pick up a book.

9 Just Stare into Space

facial expression,person,man,male,emotion, You're really trying to put off your work in any way that you can.

Do you procrastinate often?

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