What Every College Girl Does to Procrastinate ...


Procrastination isn't healthy, but it's part of life--especially when you're in college. You'll do anything you can in order to put off studying. Here are a few things Her Campus thinks every woman has done:

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Watch Netflix

METROPOHIS,Citytv,perfectly,fine,watch, There are so many shows to watch that you'll never be finished.


Read through Old Tweets

person,HILARIOUS, Or maybe you're going through your Tumblr page.


Wait for Likes on a Photo

color,black,image,art,illustration, After uploading a picture on Instagram, it's impossible to do anything else.


Shop Online

color,red,photography,beauty,model, After all, you need new clothes for class.


Check Facebook on Your Phone, then Go on Your Computer and Look at Facebook There, Too

hair,face,human action,head,hairstyle, Something might have changed in the last five minutes.


Get into the Weird Part of YouTube

person,speech,WHAT,THE,HELL, That happens after an hour of clicking on random videos.


Actually Cook Instead of Ordering Takeout

person,TROUBLE,1NE,FRESH,PRINCE, Cooking is better than studying.


Paint Your Nails

human action,person,mouth,singer,singing, You'd literally rather watch paint dry than pick up a book.


Just Stare into Space

facial expression,person,man,male,emotion, You're really trying to put off your work in any way that you can.

Do you procrastinate often?

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Hahaha! and cleaning too

This is me as a senior in high school. 😱what am I going to do in college

Yes, watch Netflix, cook and start by watching YouTube videos that are related to the course work but slowly drift away to random ones.

online shopping, definitely

Guilty! Netflicks is the devil!😈

That's what i do exactly

hahaha! I can relate to this!

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