17 Things Women Should Only do in Moderation ...


17 Things Women Should Only do in Moderation ...
17 Things Women Should Only do in Moderation ...

It's not a good idea to indulge in too much of anything, even if it's a good thing. After all, it's always dangerous to go overboard. If you want to live a healthy life, here are a few things that you should only do in moderation:

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Drink There's nothing wrong with having a few drinks with your friends every once in a while. However, you shouldn't be buying a six-pack for yourself every other day. You don't need alcohol to survive.



Exercise It's healthy to exercise. However, you don't want to strain yourself. If you do, you could end up pulling a muscle or dehydrating yourself.



Eat You need food to survive. Of course, if you eat too much at once, you're going to gain weight. Not only that, but you could also end up giving yourself high blood pressure or other health problems.



Sleep You should get a good night's rest if you want to be productive the next day. However, you don't want to sleep for twelve hours at a time. If you do, then you're wasting your day away.


Go Online

Go Online You don't want to stare at a computer screen or a phone screen for too long. If you do, then you could end up straining your eyes. You don't want to create health problems.


Watch Tv

Watch Tv Instead of watching characters live their lives, you should go outside and live your own life. You don't need to binge watch shows in order to make yourself happy.



Work It's important to find a job that you love. However, work shouldn't take over your whole life. It's dangerous to become a workaholic, because there are other aspects of life that are equally important.


Have Sex

Have Sex Yes, sex is fun. However, you shouldn't be so focused on making love that you forget about all of the other things on your to-do list.



Cry If you're upset, you should let yourself cry to get all of your emotions out in the open. However, you don't want to spend every single day in tears.



Text If you want to talk to someone, you can call them. Even better, you can see them face-to-face. It beats texting.


Wear Makeup

Wear Makeup If you're more comfortable walking around with makeup on, then there's nothing wrong with wearing it. Of course, when you're at home or are sleeping, keep that makeup off. Otherwise, you could clog your pores and develop acne.


Use Cleaning Chemicals

Use Cleaning Chemicals It's important to keep your house clean. However, you don't want to spend too much time inhaling chemicals. It could cause health problems somewhere down the line.



person, lady, girl, blond, beauty, You don't want to sit under the sun for too long. Even if you're wearing sunscreen, you could end up with a sunburn or skin cancer.



Complain We all have complaints about our jobs and relationships. However, if you want to be happy, you have to cut some of that negativity out of your life. It's only bringing you down.


Wash Your Hair

Wash Your Hair If you wash your hair too much, it'll hurt it. That's why you should only do it every few days.



Sit You want to give your limbs some exercise. If you're sitting in the same position all day, it could injure them.


Carry Heavy Bags

Carry Heavy Bags You don't want to strain your body. If you always have a heavy bag on your shoulder, it could cause problems.

Make sure you do these things in moderation, so that you keep your body and mind healthy. Do you go overboard with any of the things on this list?

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These are things people in general should do in moderation, not just the ladies tbh. Find a balance everyone, it's the healthy thing to do😉

So are you telling me that it's ok for men to do them in excess?? Loooooooool

I'll keep these in mind, thanks

@Rebecca Di Coure

And yeahhh men wear make up too fyi

The only thing I agree with on this list is washing your hair…DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO…Feminism

Honestly people can do what they want they don't need to be told to stop doing things

Has anyone noticed when it said cleaning or whatever the picture is of the young maid from ahs murder house? 😂💗😍

Great list of these I am guilty of being online too much dont know how to break out of this habit 😞


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