Smart Girls Guide to Developing Their Writing Skills for the Future ...


Smart Girls Guide to Developing Their Writing Skills for the Future ...
Smart Girls Guide to Developing Their Writing Skills for the Future ...

If you’re a student, run a blog, have to produce reports and presentations for work or believe you have a book inside you, your ability with the written word is important. My former colleague and friend, Joan Gilbert, a leading expert from essay writing service recommends to use all these tips to make your writing skills better.

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, One of the absolute best ways to develop your writing skills is to do as much wide and varied reading as you can. Just like an actor will take inspiration and tips from other actors’ performances or a singer will learn from other singers, opening yourself up to the multiple styles, inspirations, motives and forms of different writers, both amateur and professional, can do wonders for sharpening your own creative skills and helping you grow as a writer.


Power through

human action, laptop, piano, writing, technology, It would be fair to say that every single writer in history has, at one time or another, suffered from a bout of writer’s block. This can be a really upsetting and frustrating situation to have to go through, but the best advice than anybody can give you while you are suffering from a lack of creative spark is to keep on writing regardless. When you are partaking in the process of writing, even if the quality is not up to your usual standards, you are helping those particular parts of your brain to keep working. The worst thing you could do would be to shut down completely and not try at all, as it will be much harder to get back in the swing of things later on.


Take a Class

person, musician, pianist, conversation, sense, If you feel like outside influence might be something that you would be receptive to, then why not search for local creative writing classes where you can both surround yourself with like minded people and benefit from the input of a professional and qualified group leader? Writing classes are the perfect environments for you to feel comfortable in sharing your work with individuals that are striving towards a similar goal, but if you don’t want to actually attend a physical class, then there is certainly a multitude of online writing courses in which you could enroll.


Practice Makes Perfect

text, book, close up, love, hand, Have you ever heard of any literary or written masterpiece that was the results of a single, definitive draft? If you have, then you are probably mistaken! Even though the final results that the public get to read might seem the work of an effortless genius, the truth is that a great piece of writing can take dozens of drafts and rewrites to get right, sometimes even more! Don’t be disheartened when your first attempt doesn’t come out like a polished gem; practice really does make perfect.


Look for Feedback

color, yellow, art, painting, graffiti, Sometimes when you have been working on a piece of writing for too long, your own eyes become blind to its pros and cons. To develop your skills and make them the best that they can be, it is always a good idea to enlist the help of a trusted peer to read through your work and give you honest but constructive feedback. The feedback might not always be what you want to hear, but you need to set ego aside and listen to the opinions of readers in order to truly take your writing to the next level.

Famous Quotes

To give oneself earnestly to the duties due to men, and, while respecting spiritual beings, to keep aloof from them, may be called wisdom.


Push Your Boundaries

black and white, monochrome photography, monochrome, hand, Many writers tend to have a favorite subject that they like to come back to again and again in their texts, but Joan advises to push your boundaries and step out of your comfort zone as much as possible to open yourself up to as many different kinds of writing as you can. The wealth of experience gained from doing this will only help to benefit and strengthen your overall style in the end.


Emulate, Don’t Replicate

muscle, PAWSUPGAGALOVE, Ultimately, developing your writing skills is all about finding and sharpening your own personal style. What it is not about it discovering another writer’s that you like and copying it. There is a fine line between taking inspiration from somebody and assuming their entire writing style to try to achieve the same success or results. You need to make sure that as your writing skills evolve, the voice on the page that remains present is your own rather than the voice of somebody who you have studied and hope to match the style of. Good writing is about individualism, not plagiarism!


Master Mini-Skills

screenshot, games, This, good, newgirl, Like a chef learned to chop before cook or a gymnast learned somersaults before a backhand spring, you need to learn mini-skills of writing before you can dive in. Learn to master writing good sentences, learn to master flavor words, learn to master punctuation. That way you can put it all together and have phenomenal writing pieces at your fingertips.


Nourish Your Content

pianist, person, organist, Boring content is obviously not going to captivate an audience. Learn to write for different groups all at once so everyone reading your piece is satisfied. Edit separate times to be sure you have exactly what you want and need and none of the fillers you don't. Use personal experiences whenever possible so readers can relate to you.


Have Confidence

human action, person, classical music, music, sense, If you keep telling yourself you suck, then you really will suck. Instead, write with confidence which will show on the paper and give you pride in the things you write. You don't want people reading your work thinking the same things you do so project the image you want onto your paper. Eventually, confidence will become second nature with writing.

I like this advice and often go back to some of the points myself. Developing writing skills is a constant process and the more you do, the better you get.

How important is writing to you?

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