Ladies It's Time to Learn How to Twerk ...


Ladies It's Time to Learn How to Twerk ...
Ladies It's Time to Learn How to Twerk ...

Maybe you've seen Miley do it onstage, or maybe you've seen your friends do it at a party, but you've definitely heard all about twerking. It's basically a dance that involves shaking your booty around.

Even though it looks a little silly, there's a proper way to do it. You need to spread your feet far apart, put your knees over your toes, and place your hands on your hips.

If you want to learn the dance, here's a video that'll show you the proper way to twerk:

Now you know how to do a new dance move! Are you excellent at twerking?

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they love our culture but hate us 😴

We been popping butt!!!

How to twerk

This isn't dancing.

Wow that is cool

Utter nonsense!

Ummm no thanks?

Ok, seriously?!

Why should we learn how to tweet exactly? Yuck.

I very been twerking at a very young age. It's one of culture dance move in East Africa . Nothing new,nothing to be alarmed about..well maybe to some people, it's a trend!

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