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Healthy Habits All Generation Y Women Need to Know ...

By Neecey

If you belong to the Y Generation you were born between 1980 and 2000. That's a pretty wide scope in the life of a modern woman because that means you're anything from 15 to 35 years old. But in those years you all face similar pressures and challenges. So let's assume you're in the middle of those years. How do you stay in control of your life in this crazy world? How do you make it easier to be happy and to achieve success and reach your goals? How do you stay healthy? Here are the habits you should cultivate:

1 Start Your Day Fresh

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2 Limit Your Sugar Intake

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3 Drink Lemon Water Daily (warm is Best)

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4 Keep Your Home a Comfortable Place to Be

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5 Maintain Good Sexual Health

Maintain Good Sexual Health

6 Avoid Grocery Shopping when You're Hungry

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7 Adopt a "meatless Monday" Diet


8 Don't Skip Your Medications – Including Your Birth Control Pill

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9 Keep Yourself Hydrated by Drinking at Least 8 Glasses of Water Daily

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10 Ditch Your Phone when Socializing with People

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11 Be Green in Your Commute

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12 Eat Lots of Whole Foods

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13 Make a Financial Plan to Pay off Your Debt ASAP

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14 Never Skip Your Gyno Appointment - Including Your Pap Test

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15 Enjoy a Drink but Always in Moderation

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16 Stick to the 2/30 Rule: 30 Minutes of Exercise for Every 2 Hours of TV

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17 Always Wear Your Seatbelt Even if You've Hired a Cab

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18 Don't Forget to Check Your Bank Account, Credit Card Statements, Etc. and Avoid Being Late on Payments

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19 Practice Safe Sex No Matter What

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20 Don't Snack if You're Not Hungry

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21 Get Enough Sleep Every Night – 7/8 Hours

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22 ‌Make SPF Your Friend and Wear a Hat when You Go out in the Sun

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23 Brush Your Teeth Daily and Don't Forget to Floss

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24 Use Face Creams with Retinol to Avoid Early Wrinkles

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25 Do Not Use Tanning Beds

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26 Maintain a Good Posture and Never Slump at Work or during Class

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27 Say No to Drugs

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28 Collect Your Loose Change in a Jar

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29 Develop a Habit of Reading Labels on Everything You Buy, Be It Food or Makeup

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30 Don't Let Anyone Treat You like a Doormat – Stand up for Yourself!

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31 Look Away for 20 Seconds after Every 20 Minutes when Using a Computer

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32 ‌‌manage Stress

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33 See Criticism as Constructive Feedback and Act on It

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34 Have Health Insurance

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35 Don't Smoke

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36 ‌‌Resist the Temptation of Buying Anything You Know You Will Wear Only Once

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37 Listen to Your Body

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38 Give Yourself a Positive Affirmation Every Day

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39 Get an Annual Health Check - Physical and Mental

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