10 Educational Videos for Girls Who Just Can't Dance ...


10 Educational  Videos for Girls Who Just Can't Dance ...
10 Educational  Videos for Girls Who Just Can't Dance ...

It doesn't matter if you're planning on going to the club with your friends, want to slow dance with your boyfriend, or just want to dance around in your room with a little more grace than usual. Either way, there are educational videos on YouTube that you can enjoy. Here are a few for girls who just can't dance:

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Club Dancing

If you're planning on picking up a guy at the club, or just going there to have a good time with your friends, then you should know how to do a few important dance moves. In this video, you'll learn how to move your hips, your shoulders, and your feet. There are only four simple steps for you to practice, so it shouldn't take you long to master them. You could go to the club tonight if you wanted!


Belly Dancing

If you have a cute crop top and are ready to show off your stomach, then you should learn how to belly dance. This video will show you how to do hip lifts and how to shimmy, which are two moves that will come in handy if you want to become a pro at belly dancing.


Belly dancing is more than just a dance; it's an empowering art form that melds muscle control with sensuality. The linked tutorial will ease you into the basics, showcasing essential belly dance techniques to help you slink and sway with grace. Whether it's for fitness, fun, or simply to gain a new party trick, hip lifts and the ever-popular shimmy will put you on the path to mastering this ancient dance. Remember, it's all about the expressive movements and embracing your body's capabilities—so let those hips loose and enjoy the rhythm!


Lindy Hop

If you want to learn a dance that's a little more old fashioned, then you should check out this video. All you need is good rhythm and a willing partner. If you don't want to perform the typical slow dance at your wedding, you could learn this dance with your fiance to perform in front of your entire family.


Cha Cha

If you want to spice things up, then you should learn how to do the Cha Cha. It's a sexy dance that will make all the boys stare. Of course, you're going to have to find a willing partner to do the dance with you. Try convincing your boyfriend to learn alongside you, so that he doesn't have to get jealous whenever you go out dancing with another man.


The Hustle

Do you know how to do the hustle? If not, then it's time to learn. The best part about this dance is that you don't actually need a partner in order to perform it. So if you're single, or if your boyfriend is a spoil sport who won't learn to dance with you, then you can still have fun on your own.


Soulja Boy

You've heard this song way too many times. Even though it's a little old now, there's still a chance that it'll pop on the radio the next time you go out to party. When it does, you should know how to do the moves. Watch this video to learn them today!


Electric Slide

It doesn't matter if you're headed to a wedding or a graduation party. Either way, you're probably going to hear the Electric Slide blast over the DJ's stereo. If you've never learned the dance moves, then you need to watch this video. It'll teach you what to do, so that you don't feel left out at your next party.



Foxtrot is a popular ballroom dance that is easy to master with a bit of practice. Get on your dancing shoes and grab a partner to learn this popular move!



This video goes over the basics of ballet in order for you to teach yourself ballet. Therefore it's great for beginners and showcases some basic ballet exercise positions!



This walkthrough video will help you learn how to salsa dance and provide you a series of salsa dance lessons that will teach you the basics steps to salsa dancing, right turns, cross body leads and the cross body lead 180. After practicing this salsa lesson a few times you will be able to do all the salsa moves that they show you at the beginning of the salsa video!

If you follow the tips in these videos, then you'll never feel awkward when you hit the dance floor again. What's your favorite type of dance?

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