13 Entertaining YouTube Vloggers You Will Enjoy Watching ...


13 Entertaining YouTube Vloggers You Will Enjoy Watching ...
13 Entertaining YouTube Vloggers You Will Enjoy Watching ...

The beauty of the World Wide Web is that we ultimately have everything we want on it: news articles, pictures, information, books, ads, and even entertaining YouTube vloggers. These daily vloggers are brave enough to share their lives with the world and serve as a unique source of entertainment. While some of them are more committed to daily vlogging than others, they still manage to build their own fan base that tends to follow their daily moves. Here are some of the most entertaining YouTube vloggers, whose life is more interesting than you would think!

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You might be hesitant with your feelings about the name of their channel, but to everyone’s surprise it’s actually harmless and comes from the word unitard. Shaytards is one of the most famous families on YouTube consisting of Shay Carl, his wife and five of their children. They have shared a big chunk of their lives on YouTube to the point where they filmed the birth of the two of their children and posted it online. Their family dynamic is really something that we should all strive for because they always radiate positivity and love. Shay Carl and his family are one of the most inspiring and entertaining Youtube vloggers worth subscribing to.


The Shaytards have been vlogging since 2008, creating a loyal fanbase enamored by their heartwarming content. The channel documents their everyday life, from mundane tasks to holiday celebrations, offering viewers genuine slices of family experiences. Their authenticity is perhaps their most compelling trait, with parents and kids alike sharing both victories and challenges. Despite a hiatus from daily vlogging in 2017, the Shaytards continue to hold a special place in their subscribers' hearts, showcasing how a family can grow stronger and closer under the public eye, all while keeping a sense of humor and true-to-life warmth.



Charles Trippy and Alli Trippy are two of the most dedicated YouTube vloggers who have been filming their lives and posting it online for 5 years without skipping a single day. As if that wasn’t big enough of an accomplishment, Charles Trippy recently underwent a brain tumor extracting surgery and was comfortable enough to post the whole thing on his channel. The couple have taken their fans on the journey of fighting brain cancer, getting married, touring the world with Charles' band We The Kings and living the life of a vlogger.



Another YouTube channel that you will not regret stumbling upon is ItsJudysLife daily vlog channel, which comes from a married couple Judy and Benji. They tend to share their daily routine and life experiences including the fact that they are about to have twins! So if you are interested in the whole process of twin pregnancy, this is something you should check out!



The perks of watching YouTube vloggers who live across the world is learning about their lifestyle and getting the chance to see a peak of places you have never been to. This is something that I love to experience when I watch the now married couple, Fleur and Mike. Fleur is also a beauty guru on YouTube so it is a great way to interact with her fans.



You might know of Jesse and Jeana as a couple that constantly prank each other. However their vlogging channel really shows the other side of their relationship. If you are not already familiar with this YouTube sensation duo, you should really take a look at their daily lives and I assure you, their personalities will charm you into subscribing to them.


Joey Graceffa

Joey Graceffa has over 2 million subscribers to his channel so you don't have to imagine too hard how good an entertainer he must be. He leads a typical California lifestyle that everyone can enjoy watching. One of the most recent projects that he has been working on is a short film series called “Storytellers”, so if you want to catch sneak a peek into what it takes to create short series, visit his channel!



If you are an avid YouTube user, you are more then likely familiar with SMOSH. Well ½ of SMOSH, Anthony Padilla has started a daily vlogging channel with his girlfriend, Kalel, who is also a beauty guru. This YouTube power couple decided to document the most interesting and memorable parts of their lives together and share it with their viewers. So if you have been looking for entertainment, try to check out their channel and you won't regret it.


Alfie Deyes

Alfie Deyes runs PointlessBlogTV and PointlessBlog. PointlessBlogTV is his vlogging channel where you can follow his day to day life. Usually the thought of watching somebody's every move is weird and sounds boring, but Alfie makes it fun. Not only is he funny, but he's not bad looking either! Now that he lives with his girlfriend, Zoe Sugg who is also a vlogger, they make a lot of fun and cute videos together. Alfie has also released a book called The Pointless Book that everyone should check out.


Zoe Sugg

MoreZoella is Zoe Sugg's vlogging channel. On her channel, Zoella, she is a beauty guru that offers reviews, advice, and tips about makeup, fashion, and any other beauty topics you might want. Her vlog focuses on all other aspects of her life. She's obsessed with her two guinea pigs, but who wouldn't be. She's super adorable and funny, plus she also just released her first novel that I can't wait to read.


Gabriella Lindley

Also a beauty guru, Gabriella Lindley started her vlogging channel so her fans could learn more about her everyday life. She may not vlog as often as some others on this list and they may not be as long, but that doesn't mean that they're not fun to watch. Super relatable to viewers, she's silly, clumsy, sweet, and tends to break out into song. This is not a vlog to miss!



A lot of the vloggers on this list are young, fun, and silly people in their early 20s. The SacconeJolys, Anna and Jofee, are parents to Eduardo and Emilia and the vlog follows the adventures of raising these adorable kids. Raising children can be stressful, but watching other people raise children can be super entertaining. The Saccone's are a super cute family that I can't stop watching.



JoshuaDTV's motto is "be nice to people." He wants people to feel accepted for who they are. He's super sweet and is engaged to a hilarious woman that is sometimes featured in his videos. He also sings and loves Taco Bell, aka he's pretty much perfect. Obviously you need to start watching him, I mean look at that face!


Rachel Ballinger

The Ballinger sisters are both big Youtubers, but Rachel's sister, Colleen, is more famous for a character she has created and made videos of. On the other hand, Rachel's a big vlogger. She works for her sister, so a lot of her vlogs focus on her work which is hilarious because Colleen is on tour as her character. This is definitely fun to watch especially if you're fans of her or her sister.

You can find anything from music videos, funny clips of animals and even daily lives of regular people on YouTube. It is really surprising how much of their lives people are willing to put out into the world. What are some of your favorite YouTube vloggers?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lydia Sheehan.

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Didn't realize it said bloggers but still like if you watch those channels. I still wish zoellas vlog got on the list

I Love the Nive Nulls, and GabeBabe Tv, also dearnaptural85, and Latoyaforeve, or diversity in general

Joey!!!!! Love him!! Btw, where\'s Shane Dawson??? He\'s awesome!!!


Jenna Marbles, Danisnotonfire and Amazingphil are great too :)

Connor Franta is my favorite!

Don't forget kingsley, he is hilarious !

I don\'t like SMOSH but I think that Kalel and Anthony are very entertaining ,I always look forward to their next video.

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