8 Great YouTube Shows ...


8 Great YouTube Shows ...
8 Great YouTube Shows ...

Believe it or not, there are some great YouTube shows out there. Yep, Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon are no longer our only ways of getting comedic entertainment: YouTube has joined the ranks. If you know names like Felicia Day, Chris Hardwick, or Hannah Hart, you probably know about some pretty great YouTube shows already. Here are a few others that top my list to watch!

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The Guild

The Guild is first up on my list of great YouTube shows for a few reasons. The first reason being that this was the first YouTube show that I ever watched. It is hilarious and has Felicia Day - just one more reason to love it. Each episode is about ten minutes long and there are about twelve episodes per season. The show just ended its sixth season, so there is plenty to catch up on!


Video Game High

Video Game High is like Harry Potter if magic was a first person shooter. The show is incredible and does some pretty neat-o stuff, especially considering it has a YouTube budget. Even if you are not a big fan of video games (guilty-ish), you will love the show. It has all the high school staples including jock-like characters, love triangles, and an awkward but lovable hero. Best of all, you can watch the entire first season in one sitting!


Chris Hardwick’s All Star Celebrity Bowling

This show is genius. Every week, Chris Hardwick has two celebrity bowling teams that battle to be the bowling champions. The winning team gets to donate to the charity of their choice and we get to watch the hilarity of celebrities trying to bowl. This show gives such a creative element to the usual celebrity going on a talk show bit. You still get to learn all the usually celebrity news and banter, but with some extra fun on the side. I would totally recommend watching the Dr. Who bowl-off first... it is awesome.


My Drunk Kitchen

Because who does not love a funny girl getting drunk and trying to cook? Really, Hannah Hart is hilarious and her trying to cook after drinking is the funniest form of a train wreck that I have ever seen. Her cooking will make you feel not-so-bad about your own kitchen skills, and she is punny. Watch this show and enjoy the drunk life lessons she gives along the way... along with some dancing.


The Flog

The Flog is another one of Felicia Day’s shows that is available over at the Geek and Sundry channel. I love this channel and super love this show. Each episode has a few of Felicia’s favorite things for that week, a question segment, and achievements! In episode one, Felicia learns to blacksmith. She also tries her hand at Parkour, archery with Morgan Webb, ice carving, and about fifty other things.


Neil’s Puppet Dreams

It is a fact, the internet loves Neil Patrick Harris. Neil’s Puppet Dreams is exactly what it sounds like, he dreams in puppets and we watch. I do not know exactly what makes this show so entertaining, but I am going to guess it has some to do with puppets and Neil Patrick Harris singing. The season finale is Bollywood themed and Nathan Fillion also guest stars in an episode. Wonderful.


Feast of Fiction

Feast of Fiction is one of the best cooking shows I have ever seen. They bring all those awesome foods we know from shows, movies, books, and games to life weekly. Butterbeer, Ponyo noodles, Naruto ramen, salty balls, Ratatouille’s ratatouille, and some Game of Thrones inspired noms are just a few on the list. Just like any "real" cooking show, they walk you through all the steps and have recipes for you to follow, or make on your own time.


Table Top

This Geek and Sundry show is a little like All Star Celebrity Bowling, but with table top games instead. Will Wheaton hosts Table Top with three celebrity guests that all battle for the winner’s trophy. There are some pretty awesome and not very well known games played on each show, along with links to where you can buy them. Learning about some great, fun games is one of the best reasons to watch, and the celebrities are pretty cool too.

Yes, I will admit that most of my YouTube watching goes towards cute cats jumping out of boxes or baby pandas sneezing. But, these shows are just as entertaining. There are some fantastic and commercial free shows available on YouTube... what are some of your favorites?

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i love smosh and pewdiepie... but not for younger viewers!

Hahaha started to watch the guild it's actually pretty funny has kind of The office humor lol

Almost all the shows on wigs channel are great!

Feast of fiction is very cute

LatoyaForever makes me laugh! :)

The Lizzie Bennett Diaries!

Most Popular Girls in School

Epic rap battles of history!!!!!!!!! Honesty trailers, and I LOVE Connorfranta. He is pretty awesome

What about Smosh....or Fine Brothers....? :( or epic rap battle?! They get millions go views!

Another SUPER funny one is "Josh Talks"

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