7 Best True Crime TV Shows ...


7 Best True Crime TV Shows ...
7 Best True Crime TV Shows ...

Whether you study crimes for education (like me), or simply enjoy the shocking mysteries behind the best true crime TV shows, or not at all, we are all familiar with the new crime TV fad. For more than half a decade fictionally depicted crime TV shows have been popularized with shows like Law and Order, CSI, NCIS and Homeland. It seems the crime TV obsession of today has been handed over to the true crime stories that inspired some of those shows. If you are not familiar with the addicting new TV fad, here is a descriptive list of some of the best true crime TV shows.

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Now in its 10th season, ‘Snapped’ is one of the best true crime TV shows. Oxygen’s hit series takes you through the fascinating lives and trials of woman who are accused of murder. Who are these women, and what drives them to kill? Men! Of course! Most of these murders are motivated by cheated spouses, large life insurance policies or abuse. This is one of my favorite shows and introduced me to the wonderful world of true crime television.


The intrigue doesn't stop there. Each episode is a deep dive into the psyches and circumstances surrounding these deadly women, painting a picture of human complexity and moral ambiguity. Oxygen's spotlight on female felons isn't just about the crimes; it's also about the societal pressures and personal breakdowns that lead to such drastic actions. If you're enthralled by the intersection of psychological analysis and investigative storytelling, "Snapped" won't disappoint. Plus, with a decade's worth of episodes, you have a plethora of chilling stories to keep you engrossed.


Who the [BLEEP]…?

The title alone brings some comic relief to the thrilling stories of spouses, friends, co-workers, etc., who involved themselves with cheaters, liars, murderers and thieves, and have no idea! It’s the spinoff to the mother series ‘Who the [BLEEP] did I marry?’ where you get the first-hand account of the lives of newly married woman whose husbands are living outrageous secret lives. Seriously though, how could you not know!?


Wicked Attraction

Ever hear the saying ‘love kills’? Well, this chilling series uncovers the life of a "normal" person who is caught under the captivating love spell of a sociopathic murderer. Criminal profilers and a forensic psychologist reveal the true stories of two lovers whose chemistry sends them on a killing rampage.


If you're drawn to tales where romance intertwines with the macabre, Wicked Attraction will grip you with its exploration of deadly duos. Each episode delves into the dark symbiosis between partners in crime, presenting a shocking tableau of love gone horrendously awry. The detailed analysis by experts adds a layer of psychological depth, making it hard not to ponder the mysterious forces that can turn passion into something truly terrifying. Perfect for those intrigued by the human mind and the extremes of deviant behavior within relationships, Wicked Attraction offers a binge-worthy blend of love, manipulation, and murder.


Deadly Affairs

You know a show has a theme of sex and scandalous lies when Emmy Award-Winning Actress (and not to mention incredibly hot) Susan Lucci is the host. Stories of passionate love affairs turned deadly are not just for daytime soaps! These episodes are full of steamy adulterous affairs, starting with lust ending in the ultimate sin… MURDER! Definitely one of the top best true crime TV shows, this addicting series will have you on the edge of your seats begging for more.


Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets

This show is sometimes hard for me to watch as it has a unique tone and perspective, which is also extremely creepy (and sometimes gives me nightmares). This show is narrated from the first person account and what is supposed to be the voice of the murder victim from beyond the grave. You get the image that the narrator is guiding the investigators along with family and friends to the clues that will help them solve the case and get the people responsible. The interesting point of view takes this series to a whole other level of true crime TV as it sparks the emotions of the viewer. Trust me; you’ll be watching this with one eye closed.


True Crime with Aphrodite Jones

New York Times best-selling author Aphrodite Jones uncovers the "truth behind the tragedy" of some of the most notorious, heinous murders of our time. Her aim is to understand what goes through the mind of these killers by getting the inside shocking accounts from the killers themselves. Many times Aphrodite comes across shocking new evidence that will help shed some light on these ruthless crimes.



Most true crime TV shows focus on how crimes are solved, but this series focuses on those who disappear with no trace or evidence to aid in solving the disappearance. Told from the views of the one who has disappeared closest relatives and friends, this series takes you into the world of missing. You will watch as investigators, psychologists and the people who knew the victim best try to recount for every minute, every thought and circumstance up to the disappearance in order to help solve the case.

I hope I have persuaded all you ladies to join me in my obsession of true crime TV shows! Which are some of your true crime TV favorites?

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Criminal minds is amazing

@ Erin I was thinking the same thing! I live for ID channel true crime show... Behind mansion walls is another fav of mine not to mention deadly women, wicked attractions to name a few, and love when oxygen's giving all day marathon on snapped! Lol

I mean criminal minds and bones and whatnot. They're not based on true crime for the most part.

The nightmare next door is the best.

Definitely going to watch some of these shows now. Thanks for the insight.

Love criminal minds

What about Criminal Minds?!

I am an ID addict so I gotta add "Scorned, love kills" to their :)

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