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8 Superpowers That I Would Love to Have ...

By Julia

There are so many superpowers that I would love to have! Especially because if I could have every superpower, I would gladly have them all! Imagine that you could have any superpower of your choice. Whether it's flying or having super strength, you would be able to do some pretty amazing things! How many of you would love to have superpowers too? Here are some of the superpowers I would love to have!

1 Flight

How cool would it be to have this superpower? I would practically live in the sky if I could fly. I wouldn't need a car because I could fly everywhere so there would be no more paying for gas! And not having to pay for a ticket to ride the train, or plane, or subway would be pretty fantastic. Plus, no more waiting in traffic! This is why flying is number one on my superpowers I would love to have list. I'd definitely be soaring high in the sky everyday!

2 Telepathy

For those of you who don't know what this is, telepathy is communicating with another person with just your mind, without speaking. Basically, you could talk to another person without anyone else hearing you. And I don't know about you, but I think this could definitely come in handy. I'd never have to take a test alone again! But I'm sure there are a lot of other secretive things you could tell people without having any eavesdroppers! Plus you wouldn't need a cell phone, you could just use your mind! This superpower could really cut down on communication costs!

Zoey but how do I get it🥺🥺🥺 ...

3 Super Speed

If I ever magically got the chance to have this superpower, the first thing I would do is try to run on water. I'm not sure how this would benefit me, but it sure would be a lot of fun! I wonder if you could actually run around the earth so fast that it would change direction and allow you to go back in time like in the movies. How cool would that be? What time would you go to?

4 Invisibility

I don't think this power would be good for me - I'd get into so much mischief! But seriously, who wouldn't? You could basically do whatever you wanted without anyone knowing it was you. You would have to make sure that your clothes go invisible too though! Or you'd be a floating pair of jeans and a t-shirt! And that might draw in some really unwanted attention.

BLAH lol ...

5 Talking to Animals

Ever since I was little I wanted to be able to talk to animals! I would've loved to find out what my dog was thinking everyday. I always wondered if she had a sense of humor. That definitely would've made life a lot more interesting! Plus, you would always have someone to talk to! Although it might look a little strange when you're talking to your cat or any other pet. Be prepared for some strange looks if you plan on talking to animals!

Marnie I can talk to animals ...

6 Intangibility

Intangibility is the ability to walk through walls or objects. Imagine not having to open your front door everyday. Actually you wouldn't even need a door at all! And don't worry about stubbing your toe anymore either. This one is my new favorite superpower. I hate stubbing my toe!

7 Force Field

Being able to create a force field around yourself would be like living in a little safety bubble. This would really come in handy in a fight. Just imagine the look on the other guy's face when he knocks into your force field. That would make having an awesome superpower that much sweeter!

8 Super Smart

Studying? Who needs studying if you already know everything! You'd never have to worry about failing a class or studying all week to ace a final. Plus, you could give everyone else around you advice with all of your wisdom! And you could put your power to good use and help find cures to diseases. That would definitely be the first thing I would do.

How great would it be to have one or all of these superpowers? I definitely wouldn't mind flying to school instead of waiting in traffic or figuring out what kind of dog food my dog likes best. Which of these superpowers would you love to have? Would you rather have a different power? Maybe super strength or mind control? Let me know!

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