7 Funny YouTube Pranks That'll Surely Make You Smile ...


7 Funny YouTube Pranks That'll Surely Make You Smile ...
7 Funny YouTube Pranks That'll Surely Make You Smile ...

If you’re having a bad day and you need a few laughs, I suggest you take a look at some funny YouTube pranks that’ll make you turn that frown upside down! Nowadays, you don’t have to be a celebrity to get punk’d. Funny YouTube pranks are recorded and posted all the time! I don’t know how some of these jokesters come up with such creative and hilarious pranks, but they do, and they never fail to make me laugh. Continue reading for funny YouTube pranks that’ll surely make you smile!

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Invisible Rope Prank

The invisible rope prank is one of the best funny YouTube pranks I’ve seen! Two guys pull an imaginary rope, and the drivers’ reactions are priceless! At 0:41 seconds in the video, one driver actually gets out of his car to move the rope, but there’s nothing there! If I were one of the drivers, I’d be annoyed at these kids, but I’m sure if they saw the video, they’d laugh their pants off!


Skunk Prank

In this video, a man has a skunk on a stick and wiggles it under the bench for the person sitting there to see! It’s so entertaining to watch these people freak out and then turn around to see this silly guy doubled over laughing with the skunk stick in hand!


Blowing up Car Prank

In this video, a team of pranksters creates a scene that looks like the person’s car is blowing up! It’s fun watching the look on each person’s face as it goes from sheer horror to relief!


Car Accident Prank

In this prank, a guy targets his friend specifically! He sets up a couple of speakers and plays a loud car accident sound when his friend comes home from work! The guy is so startled he actually throws his briefcase! It’s so funny! I wouldn’t want this prank done to me. I’d be pretty upset, but you can’t deny it…it’s pretty funny!


Head in Toilet Prank

If you’ve ever been in a portable toilet stall, you already know it’s pretty scary in there with all the germs, but when someone’s head is in there, you have to get out of there…fast! It’s so funny how these people get ready to go to the bathroom, and the guy sticks his head out! People run out of the stall screaming for their lives, it’s absolutely comical! I don’t think I’d ever pull this prank, but it’s definitely funny to see!


Garbage Juice Prank

Ew! In this prank, a man pretends to be blind and taking out the garbage. He has a random person open the garbage can while he throws the bag in, and while he throws it, garbage juice flies out and gets on the person. Thank goodness it’s really only water! I’d be so heated if garbage juice were thrown on me! Yuck… garbage juice, it even sounds horrible. Similar to the other pranks, the people’s reactions went from pure disgust to relief, which makes the prank fun and worth watching!


Polaroid Prank

This prank is by far my favorite. There are two young girls who ask a few people to take their picture from across the street. After the picture is taken, the girls begin to walk across the street, and all of a sudden, the girls disappear and are replaced by two old men! Every single person’s face was beyond hilarious! They didn’t know whether to give the camera to the old men, or wait for the girls to reappear! The craziest part about it is when the photo develops, the two men are in it! Ha!

There’s nothing like playing jokes on random people and watching their faces when they find out they’re on camera! It’s fun to imagine yourself in their shoes and predict what you would’ve done if, say, garbage juice were thrown on you! Ha ha! If you saw these videos, there’s no way you didn’t crack a smile! I know I had a few laughs, what about you? What funny YouTube pranks were your favorites?

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Very funny!

The car accident one is really funny

POLAROID PRANK funny stuff

Why is Lana the cover for this?

Please explain to me why there is not a single PrankVSPrank video on here.

HAHA thanks for posting this!!!!

search youtube for "yoga class prank" (mildly inappropriate, but not really... i don't think so but just thought i'd warn some of the more sensitive people!) or "drive-thru shock prank"... both so funny!

Awesome super funny made my day!!

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