Things Only Girls Who Cry a Lot Can Relate to ...


Things Only Girls Who Cry a Lot Can Relate to ...
Things Only Girls Who Cry a Lot Can Relate to ...

It might not make sense to men, or even women who don’t do it, but the funny thing is, it usually makes no sense to women who do do it, either. What am I talking about? Crying! Some women cry a lot. And I mean a lot. They don’t cry because they are especially angry or upset. It’s an emotional reaction to … well just about anything pretty much. If you cry a lot, you’ll understand what’s coming.

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All Movies

All Movies It could be depressing movie, it could be funny movie, it could be happy movie, no matter what, you will always end up in tears!


Can’t Let It Go

Can’t Let It Go You find yourself bursting into tears over something that happened two or three weeks ago; it’s impossible to let these things go!


Nice Gestures

Nice Gestures A sweet gesture might make somebody smile, but for you there is no choice but to grab for the tissues as the waterworks proceed to flow!



Weddings You might as well go to weddings without any makeup on at all because as soon as you get there the emotions kick in and the tears start to fall!



Funerals Exactly the same with funerals. You might be celebrating somebody's life in a positive way, but it doesn’t stop the tears from coming.


Airport Goodbyes

Airport Goodbyes It’s a super cinematic scene, but you can’t help but turn into a blubbering mess when saying goodbye at the airport, even if it’s just for a vacation!



Anger Angry tears are a whole different kettle of fish, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t excel at releasing those as well! You are the best angry crier in your entire family.



Frustration The cousin of angry tears, frustration tears can be just as awful, because something might not necessarily be sad, just confusing. You can’t help that your automatic response is to start weeping!


Memory Lane

Memory Lane Nostalgia is a powerful, powerful thing, and nobody knows that better than the person who can start crying at the mere mention of the day they left high school!



Surprises Not only do your family and friends have to do all the normal preparation for a surprise, they also have to buy in extra tissues because they know that you will burst in to tears after the reveal!



Commercials God help you if you happen to catch one of those sad commercials about dog shelters or children’s charities. They will have you weeping for the rest of the day!



Songs If you hear an Adele or Ed Sheeran song come on the radio, then it is well and truly game over. Those lyrics! Those emotions! It’s too much to take!


Being Sick

Being Sick Some people like to sleep an illness off or wallow in a duvet on the couch, but you like to cry it out.


Cute Kids

Cute Kids If a kid catches you off guard and does something really cute to please you, then the welling up will most definitely commence!


Shirt Shrink

Shirt Shrink So your favourite shirt has suffered the horrible fate of shrinking in the dryer. Cry it out, girl, cry it out!


Weight Gain

Weight Gain Crying over weight gain isn’t the most unusual thing in the world, but when it's over half a pound, you know it might be an overreaction!


Character Deaths

Character Deaths When your favourite character dies on a TV show, it feels like a personal assault on your own emotions and you can’t hold anything back!


Being Tired

Being Tired You never quite got out of that phase in childhood where the only logical way to express your tiredness was to have a good old-fashioned cry.


Mindless Comment

Mindless Comment It could be a mindless comment from your partner or from a friend that doesn’t even seem consequential, but those small comments can get to you!



HomeSick Even if you are only away from home for a week or so, you can’t help but shed a little tear at night when you are not in your own bed.


Happy Tears

Happy Tears Something so lovely just tugs at your heartstrings. There they come. Just let those happy tears flow.


Great Achievements

Great Achievements I don't know about you but my patriotism asserts itself in the form of tears when GB wins a Gold Medal or a Brit breaks a world record.


Human Kindness

Human Kindness Nothing gets you going more than seeing somebody do a kind thing for another person. Aren’t human beings great sometimes?!

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who cries in frustration. :) it's always confused me. It's like "I'm kinda angry, yet I'm crying? Wtf?"

I cry for literally all of these but #14

Omg why is this so true 😂 I've cried over all of these !😭

So glad I'm not alone.

Lol I'm glad I'm not alone....some ppl just don't understand

haha, I'm on this one!

I cry for all but one of these

Ohh I regcognise some....

I'm such a cry baby 😭😭😭😭😭

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