The Benefits of Having No Friends for Girls Feeling down about It ...


The Benefits of Having No Friends for Girls Feeling down about It ...
The Benefits of Having No Friends for Girls Feeling down about It ...

There are some great benefits of having no friends. Friend-less is a bit of an exaggeration. But lets talk about this for a minute. Many of us have moved or started a new job where we have entered into an environment where we don’t have any friends yet. Here are some of my favorite things about starting fresh and the top benefits of having no friends.

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You Get to Create Newly a Life That Inspires You

When we are starting new we are able to create from nothing a world where anything is possible. Without buddies influencing you, it's much easier, making this one of the top benefits of having no friends.


You Get to Connect with People with Whom You Might Not Otherwise Interact

In a world driven by labels, we often find ourselves stuck in one group that may not be truly who you are. We get to find people who might just surprise us.


You Get to Step out of Your Comfort Zone

Have you always wanted to try something new but your “old” friends weren’t into it? Now is your chance to go tango with that sexy stranger.


You Get a Fresh Perspective

Social media rules the world, but that's not the whole story. Put your phone away and listen to someone new.


You Get to Reflect on the World around You

Have you ever traveled alone and people watched in an airport? Created stories about people’s comings and goings?


When You Are Ok with Being Alone, You Get to Be Present in the World around You

It would be really easy to skip events and sit at home alone, yet staying at home, knowing you could be having human interactions keeps you in the past.

Being friend-less and giving yourself a fresh start can be fun and terrifying all at the same time. We are powerful women and don’t have anything holding us back, so why not take the leap into something new and exciting?

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