5 Girl Code ✌️ Rules πŸ“œ You Shouldn't ❌ Break ...

We know about the "Girl Code." You know those unwritten but highly understood rules that you should never ever break with your best girlfriends. Those girl commandments that are often not said because they are already understood. We know them. We live them. We know when someone has broken them. Here are 5 girl code rules that you should absolutely not break.

1. Dating a Friend's Ex

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This is an unwritten rule that girls fiercely abide by and when a friend breaks it, we are unforgiving (unless you're a saint). Don't date a friend's ex. We don't care if they are the best of friends, had a peaceful break-up and have moved on with their lives. We don't care if the friend is married and has kids and living happily ever after. Just don't do it. Even if the ex is a high school boyfriend from 10 years ago, don't do it. Because as much the friend says she doesn't care. She does. We all know she does. It's too many guys out there to go after a friend's ex. Pick another guy.

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