5 Girl Code Rules You Shouldn't Break ...


5 Girl Code Rules You Shouldn't Break ...
5 Girl Code Rules You Shouldn't Break ...

We know about the "Girl Code." You know those unwritten but highly understood rules that you should never ever break with your best girlfriends. Those girl commandments that are often not said because they are already understood. We know them. We live them. We know when someone has broken them. Here are 5 girl code rules that you should absolutely not break.

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Dating a Friend's Ex

nose, girl, photo caption, product, friendship, This is an unwritten rule that girls fiercely abide by and when a friend breaks it, we are unforgiving (unless you're a saint). Don't date a friend's ex. We don't care if they are the best of friends, had a peaceful break-up and have moved on with their lives. We don't care if the friend is married and has kids and living happily ever after. Just don't do it. Even if the ex is a high school boyfriend from 10 years ago, don't do it. Because as much the friend says she doesn't care. She does. We all know she does. It's too many guys out there to go after a friend's ex. Pick another guy.


Taking the Ex's Side

human hair color, blond, shoulder, girl, outerwear, Speaking of exes, don't ever take the exes side in an argument or break-up. Your job as a friend is to make sure that your girls look as innocent as possible. We don't care what they did, you stick up for your friend and then talk crazy to her afterwards in private. Never bad mouth your friend in front of her to the ex, never agree with the ex and never go behind her back and badmouth her to the ex. It makes you look shady and disloyal and no one wants a friend that doesn't have her back.


Dropping Your Friends Once You're in a Relationship

human hair color, blond, shoulder, professional, girl, *sigh* How many of us can say this has happened to us or that we've done this? Either way, it's a terrible way to treat a friend. We know you're happily in love and you're consumed with your new boyfriend or girlfriend but don't drop your friends. It's rude. Relationships take work and so do your friendships. Dropping friends who were there before the boyfriend or girlfriend makes you look bad. And what if things don't work out between you and the dreamboat and you go crawling back to your friends? Expect either a bunch of missed calls, unanswered texts and attitude. So try to maintain your friendships. Even just sending texts to let them know you're thinking of them will go a long way.


Not Being Happy for Your Friend's Accomplishments

girl, interaction, fun, product, friendship, Have you ever had a friend that always had to one up you on everything? If you say you won a million dollars in the lottery, they'll say they won two million. What about receiving a raise and you tell your friend and they pretend to be happy but you can tell they're jealous or not interested at all in your achievements. If you're that girl, you don't deserve friends. But if some poor soul decides to be your friend, try to be happy for your friends accomplishments. People work hard these day and to achieve just a little takes a lot of work. You'll want someone to be happy for you so spread your happiness to your friend and be genuinely proud and happy for them.


Abandoning Your Friend when She's Drunk

girl, interaction, mouth, event, finger, Don't do this. If you do and when we wake up in the morning with a splitting headache and blurred vision but we remember you left us when were drunk? Just throw the friendship bracelets away. We're done with you.

Follow these rules and you should have long and happy friendships!

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Not dating a friend's ex is the dumbest rule ever. You don't own someone forever, just because you dated them in the past. Grow up. Girl code is something most mature, functioning adults don't adhere to past middle school, mostly because most adults don't have the mentality of a 12 year old girl.


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