Girls Guide to Building Heroes Not Zeroes ...

By Andrea

Girls Guide  to Building  Heroes  Not Zeroes  ...

Want to know how to help build heroes not zeroes? Do women really like the bad boy persona or is it all just a hoax for men to get away with nonsense. Let 2018 be a new change for women to build a hero instead of zeros. Women should be protected not tormented or taken for granted. After all, we live in America, the greatest country there is….where all dreams are made of. Let's not live in a society full of sociopaths but in a community working to be great. Here's how to help build heroes not zeroes.

Table of contents:

  1. share a meal
  2. help someone
  3. complete a mission
  4. gifts
  5. be nice

1 Share a Meal

We can all agree that food is probably something no one can live without, so with that being said buy someone lunch. Sharing a meal with someone could be the breaking point or window of opportunity. You would be able to share information and pick up important cues from that person.

2 Help Someone

Help someone in turmoil, lending a helping hand. No matter the circumstance be that go to person your friends can go to if they need help out of a situation. Be their confidant or moral support, for their decision making can mean a whole lot to people.

3 Complete a Mission

Go out of your way to get a mission completed for someone. Hey! Even if you have to travel the world or rediscover a whole new identity, do it! Memories last a lifetime and so will your friendship.

4 Gifts

It's important to show someone how much you care about them and gift giving is the probably the easiest and most obvious way to show someone that you care.

5 Be Nice

Be happy. Follow the #GoldenRule, treat people the way you want to be treated. One day the same respect will be given back to you so make sure you are nice and happy.

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