7 Things about Women That Men Just Don't Get ...


There are things about women that men don’t get even if they try with all their might to understand them. That’s my husband’s realization after nights of discussing the complicated subject of womanhood. Three days ago, he blurted out this realization of the century: Men and women surely come from different planets because they most definitely act that way. He shared with me some things about women that men don’t get, and I weighed them below with my thoughts and views. I guess he meant that I usually send mixed signals and it can be confusing, and that it's no short-coming of men that they can't understand us at times. Okay, guilty as charged!

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Always the Princess

This doesn't just mean to the way we dress or the way we talk. It might be about the general way that a woman should be treated. One of the things about women that men don’t get is: being able to strike a balance between gentleness and aggressiveness. What’s the right mix? I think that even the most boyish among us have princesses whispering inside. Is that bad? Certainly not! But if you need someone to blame, it must be Disney! Disney made too many princesses that we grew up watching. I once dreamed that I live in a castle with singing birds and I owned a pair of glass slippers.


We May like to Cook but…

We also want to dress up! This is especially true for young mothers out there – and it’s alright to admit this. So… yank the babysitter into the house and have a night out like an adult. There are only so many dirty diapers we can handle changing and it’s easy to forget that there was a life before bottle feeding.


Don't Get Us Mad, Buddy!

I go silent when I am angry and it drives him crazy, as there is nothing he can say or do. All I can see is white and it’s best to leave me alone for a while. Don’t talk down to me – but if you must, speak to me as an equal, because we are. Otherwise, you are in for a lot of long nights eating cold salami sandwiches on your own.


Talk to Me

We want to talk – and not just about clothes and jewelry. We want to discuss things with you. What men don’t get is that women can be very open in discussing sensitive matters especially those that pertain to finances. A lot of relationships fail because there is too much secrecy in the money department. We women are not stupid and have been running households for centuries, so just trust that we will not be frivolous with the funds and we will return you back a tidy profit.


Don’t Talk to Me, but Hold Me

Otherwise known as: Shut up and hold me! Men just don’t get it. We don’t need flowers, candy and perfume ALL THE TIME. Sometimes a good ol' hug is better than money. Just hold me tight and whisper in my left ear how much you love me and yes, I will cook your breakfast for a month – well, maybe not a month … maybe a week at most.


The Power of Anticipation

Take it slow and you’ll know what power I can unleash with your gentle pleadings. Little things matter for women and a lot of times those little things are not seen or felt by men.


Tender Loving Care

In this era where women are gaining power in the topmost positions in companies, it is easy to forget that the "she" needs TLC. On top of my list is a relaxing foot rub. Oh, I will give up the season premier of The Walking Dead for my handsome husband to drag me away from this terminal, lie me down on the couch and rub my feet with hot towels and lotion.

What others things about us women that men don't get?

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He's no may live without me!!! I'm know it is💏💑💖

Great post! I told my husband about this article and he responded "There's just 7?"

I love the comments as much as the post!

A lot of these things may be true of a lot of women but they're also unhealthy and things that people may want to look to changing about themselves rather than making other people conform to their unhealthy habits.

Why we like to go to the bathroom together

I will be honest- your reference to the walking dead made me love and totally agree with everything you just said.

We can talk on the phone for hours to our sisters and children about nothing.

Lol im more open anyway to my boyfriend. He knows

So most of this article is about feeding the husband and you're talking about equality. Nice.

I like Manda Kay's post! I'm sure men everywhere would say the same thing!

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