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7 Shows That Relate to Any Girl's Life ...

By Kelly

As a self proclaimed television junkie, I am constantly watching so many different kinds of shows. The thing about these TV shows is that they are so relatable to my life and can be shows that relate to any girl's life. Even if I am not sharing an apartment in New York with my best friends, or writing about my fabulous life and shoe collection, I can relate to all of these shows. While my life doesn’t exactly parallel everything about their lives, they go through some of the same trials that I do. And it is always interesting to see how these eccentric characters deal with the same problems that I have. Which one of these 7 Shows that Relate to Any Girl's Life is your favorite...

1 Sex and the City

Regardless of what type of girl you are, you can probably relate to one of the girls on SATC. You might be the work addicted and professional Miranda. Or the girlie girl waiting for her prince like Charlotte. The carefree party animal like Samantha. Or the shopaholic writer like Carrie. You can share in their trials and tribulations and appreciate the unbreakable friendship between these girls.

2 Girls

This HBO show is particularly relatable for recent grads and girls in their early adulthood. The girls in this show are just starting out, trying to figure out who they are, and what they want in life. Any young adult can understand how hard it is to be on your own while job hunting and trying to find love. This show is a great parallel for those types of hardships.

3 8 Simple Rules

An overprotective dad is one of the worst things a girl can endure in her teen years. This show puts a hilarious spin on how crazy an overprotective dad can be. John Ritter plays an uptight father with Kaley Cuoco and Amy Davidson playing his teenage daughters. They just want to date boys and spend time with their friends, which is something their father does not approve of. Any girl can appreciate the hilarity of this show while relating to how crazy life with an overprotective father can be.

4 Gossip Girl

While you may not be a socialite in the Upper East Side with a killer wardrobe and a house in the Hamptons, you can relate to the hardships these characters endure. Family drama, friend drama and school drama… we’ve all been there. We can all relate to the problems they are going through. It is also pretty amusing to see how those problems are dealt with while wearing crazy expensive shoes!

5 Awkward

This show is for all the awkward girls out there. The ones who have been made fun of and judged, but still keep going through it. This show is a great example of how to deal with social pressures. The main character, Jenna, has been thought to be suicidal while trying to balance boys, friends, and families. It sounds like a super serious show, but it is actually hilarious.

6 Keeping up with the Kardashians

The lives of the Kardashians are anything but boring. They have to balance love, family, fame, and work. And while you’re probably not dealing with the celebrity problems they have to undergo, you can definitely relate to juggling so much. The Kardashins have been through it all, especially when it comes to family problems so chances are you’ve had the same problem as them.

7 Friends

Friends is one of my all time favorite shows and that's because the characters are so relatable. They all have different qualities that define them, but they are all so loveable. You can find so many parallels between their lives and your own. I was in high school when this show was on and even I could relate to them. They deal with so many common hardships that most women deal with, but they put a hilarious spin on it all.

Do you like these shows? Do these shows relate to your life? What other shows do you think relate to your life?

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