7 Video Games That Any Girl Can Play ...


7 Video Games That Any Girl Can Play ...
7 Video Games That Any Girl Can Play ...

Video games are not just for boys and Sara agrees! So if you like to get your game on, this is the post for you. Thanks Sara for such a fun post!

Now I know this can be a touchy subject for some women but video games are everywhere and more and more women are coming to love them. I personally have been playing video games since I was very young, when I got my first hand-me-down NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). I have played everything from The Legend of Zelda series to The Prince of Persia to Skyrim. I know that not all women are into gaming but here are some video games that I know any girl can play!

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Okami Okami is a game that is somewhat based on Japanese lore. According to the lore, and the instruction booklet that comes with the game, Amaterasu (even though believed to be genderless) is known as a Shinto and written to be a woman. This Shinto (known as the Sun Goddess) finds her origin when Izanagi had returned from the underworld when trying to visit his lost love, Izanami. When Izanagi washed his face in what is known as a purification ritual, he produces numerous deities. These included Amaterasu (who was born from his left eye), Tsukuyomi (who was born from his right eye), and Susano (who was born from his nose). And so Amaterasu is known for warmth and light. This game is more for the artistic type of girl. If you have a Playstation 2, a Nintendo Wii or a Playstation 3, then you are able to use the Playstation 2 controller, the Wii-Mote or the Playstation Move Controller to actually draw throughout the game. This game is meant for drawing certain symbols such as circles, lines, curls and such in order to help Amaterasu defeat the dreaded Orochi (the villain in the game). Other reasons you may want to try this game out are the absolutely beautiful graphics. Everything within the game looks like a painting come to life. The story line is also extremely hilarious.


Wii Fit/plus

Wii Fit/plus Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus use only the Wii-Mote and a Wii Fit Board that almost looks like a square skateboard with no wheels (obviously). Though you can add anything you wish like weights. This game is meant for women, including myself, who are not fond of going to the gym. I personally am terrified to go to the gym for the fact that with all of the weight that I have gained from having a baby, I am much heavier than I used to be and do not want people to see me work out. This game contains Yoga, Strength Training, Aerobics, and Balance games that will help you better your posture and your health. It also gives you a calorie counter of sorts. You can pick a food or drink and it will give you the amount of calories that it equals out too and you can work out just enough or more to burn those calories. Before the baby, I used this along with walking throughout the day to lose 100 pounds in less than a year. I am working to do that once again and am slowly but surely getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight.This game also makes weight loss and exercise fun. With all of the things you do, you either look absolutely ridiculous doing it (which makes you laugh) or you look great doing it and something silly pops up on the screen to tell you that you are doing a good job. It also cuts out the expense of a gym membership. So in all reality it saves you money and the time it would take to get to the gym workout, then get back home.


The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda The Legend of Zelda, an amazing saga all on its own. This is a roleplaying type of game where one much follow the story line in order to of course, fight the villain and save the princess. If there are any girls out there who are like me, you believe that the princess doesn’t need saving if she can save herself. Well, even though Zelda probably could save herself she prefers our hero, Link, to defeat the evil Ganondorf and save the land of Hyrule. So you if you a girl that wants to save the princess and show the boys how it’s really done, these are some great games for you. Mainly for story line when it first came to light in the 80’s with its 8-bit graphics, it now has beautifully animated pictures and an even more beautiful story. Every game is its own even though each game is supposed to have a chronological order. One of my personal favorites is The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. There are two different worlds that you need to work through. One in w
hich you are «human» and the other you are turned into a wolf.


Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros The infamous Super Mario Bros. Most of these games that have come out for the Nintendo systems have been AMAZING! There have been a few duds within the patch but all of the greats completely make up for it all. If you don’t know who the Mario Brother’s are then you have been sheltered. There is Mario (the main character) and Luigi. These are the two brothers. They go on to fight a Koopa named Bowser in order to save Princess Peach (and Princess Daisy on occasion). Some of the newest Mario Bros games are multi-players. Which means if you don’t feel like playing alone you can always find someone to play with you. I am one of those people, though I am awful at the games and normally get myself killed or both of us killed. But we have fun in the process.


Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero Guitar Hero is another infamous game that came to light within the last few years. It is for those (or at least most of us) that cannot play guitar to act as if we can. I personally love these games because I love music. I especially love Guitar Hero Metallica because I was raised on Metallica. But to play this game, it is either plugged into the console or uses a wireless transmitter to the console. There are 4 difficulty levels; easy, medium, hard, and expert. Obviously the harder the difficulty, the harder it will be to mash those buttons!. That is another great thing about this game, it is a button masher when you get to the harder difficulties. But with the difficulty picked, you then pick your song and try to make it through the song without messing up too badly to get your score. If you mess up too much, the virtual crowd (and maybe the crowd around you) will boo you off the stage. But you can keep trying. This game gets easy as you play it but it is one that you can j
ust play over and over again if you get an urge to play it.

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Halo Not only does this game have a story line, but it also has a "Player versus Player" mode of sorts. You are able to follow the story line and finish the game just as any other game. But with this game, you can go into another mode of the game and you are able to play against your friends, your boyfriend's friend's, and any other person around the world. And if you know all about Red vs. Blue, then you are definitely going to be into playing Halo, and you are going to be interested in the sequels that follow. Each of these that I have played have been just amazing. Even the very first one with the awful graphics that it has.



Skyrim Now if you are really like me, you will love this game. If you are tired of playing a game where you are pretty much a "human" in a sense, then this game is for you. You have the choice of being an Altmer (High Elf), Argonian (Reptile), Bosmer (Wood Elf), Breton (a mixture of human and elf), Dunmer (Dark Elf), Imperial (Human Type), Khajiit (Feline), Nord (Human Type), Orsimer (Orc), or Redguard (Human Type). This game is a different kind of roleplaying game in which you can follow the story line with the quests being the hero and the good guy, or you can take the other path and be the bad guy. I am playing this game right now as a matter of fact. I am of the Khajiit race and my Khajiit is doing what they are meant to do, which is be an assassin. The point of this game though, is that you (whatever race you choose) are the dragon born. A people thought lost for many years who are able to collect dragon souls and use the dragon's tongue to defeat their enemies.

This game is a lot of fun and the gameplay conversations are another one that can be hilarious depending on who you are talking too. But the game is also extremely time consuming.

So, these games are some of the games that I think will allow women to let you their inner nerd. All of them are fun and if you have a boyfriend that is a gamer, he will definitely have at least one of them. Just ask him if you can play, you will see his jaw drop and he may even give you pointers! Have fun ladies!

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Ok, as a female, I think this is a VERY sexist article! Woman can play any game they darn well want! Gender has nothing to do with it! I play games! I play all the Resident Evil games, all the final fantasy, all the uncharted games, arkham city, space marine games (war hammer), lollipop chainsaw (call me a bad mom, but I hand made my 5 year old the costume from that game because although she isn't allowed to play or watch it, she saw the cover

I have 13 platinum trophies ,and my PSN name is sweets546. I beat most of the guys and my husband :) I am also on 6 gaming sites. Like the raptor app.

Skyrim <3 is the best! Try it girls!

Bioshock is awesome!

@Sloan totally agree with bio shock, I played 1

I love halo 4. I'm pretty good at it too, I can beat all the boys :p my name is ladyofchaos

I love Ōkami!

@Marina Lestraude that's exactly it! We're NOT ignorant! Why can't we be seen as equals? I can play against

Just dance?!

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