7 Things Independent Women Should Learn to do Themselves ...


7 Things Independent Women Should Learn to do Themselves ...
7 Things Independent Women Should Learn to do Themselves ...

I know what you’re thinking: this is kind of a sexist post, because who has the right to tell anyone what they should or shouldn't know how to do, let alone put together a list of thing women should learn to do? But really, I think a woman can do anything a man can do. I have just found that in most cases, women just don’t know how to do certain things. I want to change that by telling you the things women should learn to do!

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Snake the Hair from the Drain

It’s a disgusting task but it needs to be done for the good of your bathroom drain. Draino only works for so long, ladies. But it’s really easy and there’s a tool that’s pretty inexpensive at a hardware store. Just push that sucker into your drain, find the hair ball and you can call yourself a do-it-yourselfer!


Patch a Hole in the Wall

This is something that I myself just learned how to do recently. Let me tell you, gone are the days of trying to make a screen stick while you plaster. All you need is a hole patch kit from your local hardware store. Stick that sucker on and plaster away.


Change the Oil

That’s right, get down and dirty and get under that car. Most people think that this is much more difficult than it is. All it really consists of is pulling a plug, replacing it and filling up your oil again. Oh, and changing the filter! Sounds easy enough right? It really is! And even if you decide to do it once, and forever more take it to the oil change place, that's fine - at least you know how if you have to, right?


Furniture Assembly

If you’re anything like me, you own pretty much anything in the Ikea catalog and everything that you own says some assembly required on the box. It’s super easy to assemble most things if you have the right tools and follow the simple instructions that come with your purchase.


Change a Tire

This is actually easier than changing your oil. Just jack that car of yours up, remove the lugs nuts, take off the flat and put the new one back on, lug nuts and all. The hardest part is actually finding a place to put the jack, but no worries: most owner's manuals have very clear instructions on where to put that jack.


Fix a Drippy Sink

I hate that drip drip drip noise. And recently, I had one that wouldn’t go away while I was home alone. All you really need is a wrench. I followed a very simple how to video on YouTube!


Change a Fuse

If you live in an older home like I do, you have a fuse box tucked into a tiny dark corner that’s in the scariest part of your house. And every time you trip a fuse you have to go fix the issue. It’s actually very easy to change the fuse when you need to. Once again, just watch a quick how to video!

Well ladies these are the things I think every independent woman should know (other than basic self-defense). What are some things that you can do around the house? What do you think other ladies should know how to do? Let me know down below!

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I kno how to clean, cook, etc. I just thiink all women need to just learn how to do thiinqqs on theiir own sometiimes that's all.

Oops meant " handy man " ...

Patricia, that defeats the whole point of this article.


Yes for sure we can be fixer uppers for sure when I was a teenager my dad taught me to change my own oil change a flat anything men can do we can do or at least a damn good try

Eh, I'll just call my dad and give him some money for my car. I'm always worried ill mess something up :/

8. Always have a handle man on speed dial

I'm gonna paint my armoir tomorrow! Maybe not an "independent woman" thing, but when I was married I wasn't really allowed to do anything so it feels good :)

Love these, plus all the comments. One thing about tire-changing: if the lug nuts have been put on using an air wrench, that tool they use at the tire store, they can be next to impossible to loosen. I have seen experienced repairmen slave to to just budge over tightened lug nuts! So, when you have your tires changed, ladies, tell the mechanic NOT to over-tighten the lug nuts or you may never be able to get them off!

Many years ago when i got my driver's license, my father insisted I learn how to change a tire, change the oil, check other vital fluids, and use a set of jumper cables....Sure glad he did!!...

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