7 "Rules of Being a Lady" That Just Don't Make Sense ...

Growing up, my parents always tried to teach me the proper rules of being a lady. Everything from how to act, to what to say, and even how to look. Of course when I was young, I believed all of these rules, until I grew up. Looking back, so many typical “rules of being a lady” honestly have no place in the modern woman. We are allowed to act differently than our parents did growing up. We are allowed to go against the grain more. So of all of the “rules of being a lady,” here are the must absurd ones that truly don’t make sense anymore.

1. Ladies Never Curse

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Of all of the rules of being a lady, this one is the most bullshit. Growing up, my father always told me that a lady never curses and naturally I believed him. So I spent a good majority of my life avoiding swearing. Then I grew up and realized that this was the dumbest thing ever. I am not saying that you should have the mouth of a sailor, but you shouldn’t be afraid to say the f-word when the situation calls for it.

2. Ladies Are Always Put Together

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I feel like so many girls are under the impression that they need to have their hair, makeup, nails, and not to mention outfit perfect put polished at all times. They never want to be seen in sweatpants and take hours to get ready to send the right ladylike image. While looking put together can be nice sometimes, it definitely should not be required all of the time.

3. Ladies Put Their Man’s Needs First

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This is not the '40s. We no longer live in a time where girls must find a husband by the time they are 20 and stay home to cook and clean all day. You can put your needs before any man and still have a wonderfully fulfilling life.

4. Ladies Must Be on Their Best Behavior

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One of my favorites quotes is “well-behaved women rarely make history.” Who cares if you drink a bit too much and go a little bit too crazy? It is your life and you can do what you want. You do not have to sit there quietly and keep your opinions to yourself.

5. Ladies Must Always Smile

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You are allowed to be upset. I am not sure if some girls believe that you must always be smiling and happy to be considered a lady, but it is just not true. It is only expected that you are having a bad day once in a while. In fact, most people would consider it weird if you were always happy and smiling, and they would probably be annoyed with your peppiness after a while.

6. Ladies Are Always Feminine

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From someone who spent a good portion of their childhood playing sports and wearing jerseys, you can still be girly and like things that are “meant for boys.” So what? Who gets to dictate that boys can only enjoy something? You don’t have to constantly wear dresses and want to play with dolls to be considered a lady. You can have a wide variety of interests and no one will care.

7. Ladies Never Make a Scene

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A lady would never go out of her way to make a scene when something doesn’t go her way, right? Wrong. If something deserves making a scene about, go make a scene about it. Modern day women are allowed to speak their minds. You no longer have to feel bad if you want to yell and scream about things.

We no longer live in a society where women have to be well behaved to be successful and find a husband. Women should be able to do anything they want without fear of not being considered “ladylike.” What did you think of theses absurd rules of being a lady? What other rules do you know that you think are absurd? Why do you think so many girl hold onto these rules and let them dictate their lives?

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