10 Things Women do That Men Don't Understand ...


There are tons of things women do that men just don't get right? I mean, we're unique and different creatures and for a guy, it can be super confusing! Well guys, don't worry, I've got the guide to the top 10 things women do that you just don't understand. Hopefully, after reading this, you'll understand some of the things women do a little better!

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Wear Stilettos

Yes, they kill our feet, yes we complain about them a lot, but really – they are fashionable! This is definitely one of the top things women do that men don't understand. It's all about the fashion guys, that's the only reason we wear shoes that kill our feet!


Bathroom Packs

Okay, I know it might seem weird to want to go to the bathroom together, but it's actually fun! We talk to each other all throughout our bathroom experience and we can even point out makeup flaws that we might not have seen. Women like to go to the bathroom together, it's probably something you'll never understand!


Why It Takes Us so Long to Get Ready

Women are people that like to look good all of the time. Even when we're just getting up, where is the first place that we head to: the bathroom to look in the mirror. If we say that we're gonna be ready by 8:00pm, count on about 8:30pm. It takes a while to become the beautiful girls that you see all of the time, give us a break!



A girl and shopping is like a guy and tools. Shopping is one of the things women do that men don't understand but truthfully, it's similar to a guy loving his tools. We go shopping for clothes, for shoes, for hair accessories to make ourselves look good – guys, why do you need so many tools?


Bath Time

So I am one of the lucky girls that has clawfoot tub, so you can understand why I love soaking it up in my tub right? Guys, a girl and her bath time is like a guy and his football time. We use the bath time to rejuvenate ourselves and to come out feeling super refreshed and squeaky clean!


Girl Talk

I'm sorry guys, this is totally one of the things that women do that you'll never understand. You won't get why we share all of our secrets with our girlfriends rather than our boyfriend or why we need to talk on the phone for hours. It's just a girl thing, that's all I'm gonna say!



Yes, we as girls put ourselves through quite a lot for beauty don't we? Waxing is one of them. Personally, I hate getting my eyebrows waxed, but I'd rather do that than have a uni-brow. Maybe you guys should take a lesson out of our book and see about getting your eyebrows waxed, it could be an improvement!


Over Thinking

This is absolutely one of the things women do that is just natural. We over think everything. You say that you are fine, we are trying to find the meaning of what 'fine' is and why you are 'just' fine and not great. It's not a flaw we have, but it's just something that comes naturally!


The Need to Plan

We, as women, like to be organized. We like to know what we are doing from one hour to the next. Right now, I know that I am going to go shopping later and already, I am making my list. It's a compulsion that most women have, so just play along okay?



Finally, the last thing women do that men just don't get is makeup. Makeup is – well, it's in our nature! We constantly feel like we have a lot to live up to and makeup is a way we cope with it. Plus, I couldn't live without my eyeliner bringing out my beautiful green eyes!

So guys, there you have it! The top 10 list of things women do that might make you crazy, but at least you understand them a little better right? Don't worry, there are tons of other things women do that might make you insane, but just know, there is reasoning behind it! So guys, what other things women do that you don't understand? Leave a comment below!

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wrong! we don't just wear stilettos to be fashionable, we wear them to feel self-confident and sexy, I guess that's the point of heels ;)

10 Things Women Do That Men Don't Understand ... (via Twitter)

In other words, men don´t want to look good then?

i think no 1 is the wish of women to get sympathy for their problem and not a solution.

Omg. the stilettos thing is so me! And my husband ALWAYS gives me a hard time about it "why do you wear those when you know your feet will be hurting later?!" I've finally given up explaining to him and now i just tell him it's a girl thing. YES! girl talk, taking forever to get ready and shopping; those are definitely at the top of my list!

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