15 Lies Women Tell Themselves ...


15 Lies Women Tell Themselves ...
15 Lies Women Tell Themselves ...

Yes, there are plenty of lies women tell themselves. The worst part is when we start believing these lies and deceiving ourselves. Sometimes you just need a wake up call and I'm hoping this post will be yours. So here are some common lies women tell themselves. If you find your personal lie here, I hope you can snap back to reality and stop lying to yourself because you deserve better...

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"Sex Will Make It Okay"

Do you find yourself using sex to make your relationship problems go away? Are you the sort who'd rather have sex with your partner to end a fight than talk things through? The thing is, while sex may temporarily sweep your issues under the carpet (or should I say bed), the same problems will keep popping up until you actually solve them. I know confrontation is hard but you need to stop using sex as a weapon, face your issues like a woman, resolve fights and then have make up sex! So much better!


"He's Not Jealous. He Does It Because He Cares"

I was in a relationship with a jealous boyfriend who hated it if I even so much as spoke to other guys in my class. I was 17 and naive enough to believe that his jealousy meant that he cared. It came to a point where there was both physical and emotional abuse and it took me a while and lots of tears to realize that it wasn't okay for him to treat me the way he did. My point being, do not justify his unreasonable actions by thinking that's how he's proving his love for you. A little jealousy is natural, but acting like a mad man is not normal! It's not okay and you need to stop lying to yourself and get out NOW.


This paragraph highlights the dangerous misconception that many women have about jealousy in relationships. While a small amount of jealousy can be normal, it should never be used as an excuse for controlling or abusive behavior. In fact, studies have shown that jealousy is often a sign of insecurity and possessiveness, rather than love. It's important for women to recognize the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship and not make excuses for their partner's behavior. Seeking help and support from friends, family, or a professional can be crucial in leaving a toxic relationship. Remember, true love should never involve fear or manipulation.


"We Spend All Our Time Together Because We Love Each Other"

The thing with this lie women tell themselves is who doesn't want to spend time with their partners, right? But if you find yourself spending every waking hour with your significant other, it's time to get some space. Remember that you are an individual first and love doesn't mean having to always be by his side or knowing what he's always up to. Do things alone, go out with your girlfriends, watch a movie with your other friends... in short, have a separate life! Believe it or not, it is important! Besides, absence makes the heart fonder remember?


"I Need a Man in My Life"

Honey, relationships are great and all, but you don't NEED a man! Being single and having all that freedom and time is just as much fun if not more. Besides, you'll never discover your inner self if you're never single. Point being, if a great guy comes along, yay! If not, who cares. Never settle for anything just because you think you NEED to be with someone. Love is supposed to be magical, not mediocre and you're better off being single than in a "meh" relationship.


"I Need That Dress/shoes/anything else You Can Think of"

One of the more popular lies women tell themselves and a personal favorite, this lie can end up being rather heavy on your pocket. Whenever I look at shiny new shoes or a pretty dress, the line between "want" and "need" gets blurry and I invariably end up giving in to temptation. The result? A wardrobe full of dresses and shoes that I hardly ever wear. Lately, I have been allocating myself a bi-monthly shopping budget and every time I go shopping, I stick to say three things that I absolutely need and one bonus "want" item. Let me tell you, it has been working!


"He Will Change His Mind about Marriage"

This one is for those in a dead end relationship. You want to get married and settle down, he's told you a million itmes that he's never going to change his mind about marriage. You continue to hold on in the hopes that someday...someday, he'll come around. Honey, wake up and smell the coffee. If he knows how important marriage is to you and wanted to change his mind, he would have. As hard as it is, it's probably time to say goodbye and give yourself a chance to find what you really want.


"I'll Go to the Gym Tomorrow"

This is probably the most common lie women tell themselves. I've been there and I can only say, if you really want it, do it today. It'll make you feel better about yourself, motivate you more and it'll definitely make going to the gym tomorrow a lot easier!


"I'm Too Old for This..."

You're never too old to ride a roller coaster. You're never too old to have fun. You're never too old to get into a relationship. You're never too old to fall in love. Age IS just a number and when you truly believe that and stop lying to yourself, you will have found the key to happiness!


"Every Decent Guy is Taken..."

This is one of the most common lies women tend to tell themselves. No matter how complicated your love history is, it doesn't mean that every good guy on this planet is already taken. For some people it is easy to find "the one", but others take a little while longer. It doesn't mean that you should look for a potential husband every time you meet someone new, but you should still be open to opportunities. As long as it's natural and not forced, one way or another, you will find a decent guy and realize that not all of them are taken.


"I Am an Independent Woman and I Don't Need Anyone."

While some women need to take a break from men and stop depending on relationships, others need to open themselves up to romantic relationships. A good number of women, especially in this time period, are very driven to succeed in career fields and motivated to work hard on a goal. However they drown themselves in work, cloud up their mind and prevent themselves from getting involved in a close relationship. The two extremities of depending too much on a man and convincing yourself you don't need one need to be avoided. We need to find a happy-medium for a happy and healthy life!


"He Didn't Meant It."

Relationships can be tough, we often cling on to things and convince ourselves that everything is okay because we are used to that constant. And every time our other half says something hurtful or does something physically, some of us tend to excuse them by saying things like 'He didn't mean it', 'It was my fault' and 'The moment was just heated.' We need to snap out of it and look at things from a clear perspective.


"I Am Not Pretty Enough."

How many times have you wondered if you were good enough or pretty enough for someone or something? Even if you haven't actually asked yourself that, it probably passed through your mind once or twice. The mistake that every average woman makes is doubting herself. We purposely restrict ourself with our mentality! At times we downgrade who we are and what we stand for, but it's important to know that we are all good enough. As long as you and I know that, everyone else will know it too.


"I Don't Need Any Help."

What many women tend to do is pack up their feelings and emotions, and act like they don't need anyone's help. They don't want others to see them as a stereotypical weak woman. However, expressing your emotions or getting help from someone else is not weakness, because it takes strength to admit you need help and it takes courage to reveal your true feelings. So next time you say, 'I don't need any help.' ask yourself if that is really what you mean.


"I Don't Care Anymore."

This is a famous line that every woman has used during her lifetime. Whether it is a fight with a boyfriend, family or friend, we are so quick to say that we don't care, when it is more than likely that the situation is killing us on the inside. So why do we say it? It doesn't make sense!


"Things Will Change by Themselves."

Although time heals all wounds and makes any situation better, your circumstances won't magically turn into your ideal environment because you have to do something for things to move in the direction you want them to. Certain things never come easy, which is why sitting at home and hoping for the best probably won't change your situation. Instead of praying for things will fall into place, take the matter into your own hands!

So, what features on your personal list of "Lies women tell themselves" and how do you plan on battling it?

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The list is ridiculous. And who needs three articles of clothing per shopping visit?

8 lies women tell themselves..... (via Twitter)

14 true af

It's true my bf and I fight a lot and I lie to myself

LOL, this is MY lie!

Number 8! Need to stop telling myself that, thanks! :)

Correcting ur self to become a Superwoman! :)

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