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7 Things Women Commonly Lie about and Why ...

By Alicia

Okay, let’s just be up front here: there are a lot of things women commonly lie about. Or they may use my little trick and just avoid the subject altogether. The reason that there are things women commonly lie about is because they want to present themselves in the best light and the truth might not do that. So they find themselves bending the truth just a little… or maybe a whole lot.

1 Their Weight

One of the things women commonly lie about is their weight. This is probably the thing they most commonly lie about. Even the most honest woman may be shaving five pounds off of her weight when she is asked about it. No woman wants to appear as a large woman. She wants to be seen as petite and delicate.

2 Their Age

Aging is difficult, especially for women. As men age, they become more distinguished. As women age, well, we just feel like we become old. And that reality is hard to swallow for some of us so we lie about it. It doesn’t make us any younger to lie about our age but it might make us feel a little younger and that is a temptation that many cannot resist.



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3 Their Cooking

None of us can deny the fact that we live in a very fast paced world. We don’t have time to cook the things we would like to cook as long as we would like to cook them. Many, many women have attempted to pass off a store bought goody as one they prepared themselves. Even if they don’t say it in as many words, they may attempt to give that impression by placing the food item in a personal dish. At the very least, they won’t reveal their secrets.

4 Their Shopping Habits

Many women also lie about their shopping habits. But really, that should be understandable. Men should just realize that a woman can never have too many pairs of wedge heels and not place her in the position of lying. Wouldn’t you agree, ladies? Many women lie about their shopping habits to keep an argument down.

5 The Money They Spend

Going hand in hand with lying about their shopping habits is the fact that many women lie about how much money they spend. They may not totally lie but just stretch the truth a little on this subject. They may spend it on having their hair or nails done, shopping, lunch with a friend or just little inconsequential things. But the temptation to lie about how much money they spend, especially if they are married, can be quite high. A little white lie seems much better than an ugly argument.

6 Their Marriage

Many women choose to present a prettier picture than there really is of their marriage. I actually don’t believe that this is totally a bad thing. While I do believe lying outright is very wrong, I believe painting your spouse in the best light is the best thing to do for yourself, for them and your marriage. When you choose to talk positively about your spouse, everybody wins. You feel better about them, they feel better about you and your marriage benefits.

7 Their Life

Many women don’t want to admit dissatisfaction with their lives, even to themselves. And while putting on a brave face is a noble thing to do, it isn’t always the best thing to do. If you are struggling with things in your life, go to a friend or a trusted counselor or religious leader for counsel. We all have hard times and we should help each other through them. It is much better to talk about how wonderful your life is when it really is.

Women lie about many things and most of the time, the motivation behind that is to make themselves look good. What do you think women lie about? Why do you think they do it?

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