9 Must-Know Websites for Girls Who like Girls ...


9 Must-Know Websites for Girls Who like Girls ...
9 Must-Know Websites for Girls Who like Girls ...

Whether you’ve been on the scene for years or have just come out of the closet (congrats), you’ll want to bookmark these top websites for lesbians and bisexuals. From advice columns to must-know news to pure entertainment, these 8 sites will entice any girl who likes girls. So, check out my picks for top websites for lesbians and bisexuals –and let me know which sites you’ve been stalking!

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One of the first top websites for lesbians and bisexuals I’ve stumbled upon is shewired.com. An arm of Here Media, Inc. (subsidiaries include The Advocate, Out, and Here TV), this site provides trusted, witty commentary on issues affecting the lesbian community as well as a large helping of entertainment. So, if you’re rooting for Callie + Arizona and like staying updated on political issues, consider joining the SheWired community!



Every morning, I wake up and tell myself that today’s the day I’m NOT going to check autostraddle.com (I’m never successful). What can I say? Whether you’re on the hunt for a new work shirt or simply want to lie back and read a piece about Sailor Moon and feminism, this is the site for you. Even if you don’t consider yourself lesbian or bisexual, Autostraddle’s articles usually drip with intelligence, humor, and progressive attitude. Plus, the comments section tends to be civil –even welcoming. And there’s nothing NOT to love about that.


that warm community vibe which makes your little queer heart sing! Seriously, it's like your cool queer older sister's diary, sprinkled with just the perfect amount of sass and heartfelt advice. Fashion, pop culture, and queer politics intertwine in their features, ensuring you're informed and entertained. Whether you're queer as a three dollar bill or just an ally looking for a peek into our world, Autostraddle never fails to serve the realness and the relatability. And that's without even mentioning their stellar advice columns and TV show recaps that are practically cultural cheat sheets for the modern queer gal.

Frequently asked questions

There are various dating and social networking websites specifically for women who are interested in other women. Some popular examples include HER, OkCupid, and PinkCupid. It's important to find a site that feels right for you and where you feel safe to express yourself.

Yes, there are many forums and online communities where lesbian and bisexual women can connect and discuss various topics. Websites like Autostraddle, AfterEllen, and the subreddit r/actuallesbians offer spaces for discussions, advice, and sharing experiences.

For teenage girls exploring their sexuality, it's important to use websites that are secure and moderated. TrevorSpace is a safe community for LGBTQ youth, including girls who like girls, where they can connect with others. Always remember to protect your personal information and privacy online.

Websites like Meetup.com allow you to search for LGBTQ+ groups and events in your area. You can also look for local community centers or LGBTQ+ organizations that host events. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can also be useful for finding events near you.

There are several websites that provide information about health and relationship advice for girls who like girls. Planned Parenthood has inclusive resources on sexual and reproductive health, and websites like Scarleteen offer sex education for all identities. It's always a good idea to look for information that is respectful and affirming of your identity.



First off, I'm not the type who needs a serious relationship right now. That’s why I love using onenightfriend.com whenever I’m down for casual fun. Arranging hookups here is a breeze; I just use filters to narrow the search for potential matches in my city, pick a few local lesbians from the list of suggestions, and send them a message. Who needs to go to clubs when you can find lesbian dates from the comfort of your home?


Everyone is Gay

Kristin and Dannielle of everyoneisgay.com are two of my most favorite people ever, and I don’t even know them (not personally, at least). Nonetheless, I’ve come to depend on their smart advice on everything from coming out to managing money. Go ahead...get those questions off your chest!


After Ellen

Logo website afterellen.com is addictive, partly because you can get lost in its content –which is updated every weekday and includes recaps of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ movie guides, and more –columns, forums, and celebrities. It’s a time-suck if I’ve ever seen one!


Black Girl Dangerous

While blackgirldangerous.org is targeted toward LGBT people of color, every girl who likes girls should read its thought-provoking, boundary-pushing pieces on queer rights, politics, body image, and racism. The site is spearheaded by author Mia McKenzie, whose novel, ‘The Summer We Got Free,’ is a Lambda Literary Award finalist. To get started, check out blackgirldangerous.org's roundup of ‘most dangerous’ posts of 2012.


Lambda Literary Foundation

Full disclosure: Back in college, I was a lambdaliterary.org intern. This nonprofit boasts a rich history of celebrating LGBT literature. In addition to hosting an annual awards ceremony and writers’ retreat, the foundation recently launched a new-and-improved website. Chock full of book reviews, interviews, features, and news, the site is ideal for lesbians and bisexuals who desire to expand their LGBT reading lists. I’d especially recommend it for women who are closeted or newly out and need a bit of guidance in the book department.


Dapper Q

For many butch women and tomboys, putting together a sleek wardrobe can be anything but easy. And that’s where dapperq.com comes in. My girlfriend checks it regularly for fashion and general advice –and I already love Dapper Q’s new Tomboy Femme Fridays feature.


Equally Wed

If the 2012 election season was any indication, wedding bells are in the air for LGBT couples. If you’re planning a trip down the aisle with your lovely lady, you’ll want to click on over to equallywed.com for fashion and beauty ideas, photos from real weddings, and marriage equality news. All together now, “aww!”

These are 8 of my top websites for girls who like girls. Which ones do you plan on checking out? Do you have any of your own favorite sites to add to the list?

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I think it is essential for les and bi girls to have good free lesbian mobile sites where they can both discuss stuff with fellow beings and also search for potential partners for dating, chatting and the like. MeetOutside provides a similar space for lesbians.

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Trevorspace.org is great, especially for teens

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