16 Flowers with Special Meanings for Girls ...

By Lucy

16 Flowers  with Special Meanings  for Girls ...

What makes flowers special is that they represent different meanings, and in a way we can identify with their qualities.

So the next time someone gives you flowers, remember what they represent and it might reveal the intentions of your admirer and how they think of you!

What's your favourite flower and which one do you most identify with?

Table of contents:

  1. daffodil
  2. rose
  3. tulip
  4. lily
  5. iris
  6. poppy
  7. orchid
  8. pansy
  9. bird of paradise
  10. carnation
  11. daisy
  12. hydrangea
  13. lilac
  14. sunflower
  15. chrysanthemum
  16. peony

1 Daffodil

Daffodil Represents:

New beginnings, eternal life, rebirth, faith, honesty, truth and forgiveness.

A single daffidol denotes a misfortune and a bunch of daffidols indicates joy and happiness.

2 Rose

Rose Represents:

White: purity, sanctity, secret admirer and mysticism

Red: romance, immortal love, health, passion and deep love

Pink: first love, innocence, healing and romance

Yellow, joy, protection, mature love

3 Tulip

Tulip Represents:

Red: romance, love, thoughtfulness and passion

Pink: caring, good wishes, happiness and confidence

White: purity, innocence, forgiveness and respect

Purple: royalty, rebirth and admiration

Yellow: hope, sunshine, friendship, optimism and positivitiy

4 Lily

Lily Represents:

White: Modesty, virginity, purity and refined beauty

Orange: passion, enthusiasm, excitment and intensity

Yellow: gaiety, delight, cheerfulness, joy and happiness

Lily of the Valley: sweetness, pure heart, purity and affection

5 Iris

Iris Represents:

Purple: eloquence, wisdom, knowledge and expressive

Blue: faith, hope, confidence, aspiration and ambition

Yellow: passion, enthusiasm, excitement and intensity

White: purity, freshness, freedom and good health

6 Poppy

Poppy Represents:

Death, life, sorrow, rememberance, sadness and melancholy

7 Orchid

Orchid Represents:

Exotic beauty, refinement, thoughtfulness, mature charm and femininity

8 Pansy

Pansy Represents:

Rememberance, togetherness, union and melancholy

9 Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise Represents:

Joy, magnificence, excitement, anticipation and radiance

10 Carnation

Carnation Represents:

Red: love, pride, admiration and passion and romance

Pink: love, thoughtfulness and affection and romance

Purple: capriciousness, impusive and unpredictable

Yellow: disdain, rejection and disappointment

White: innocence, purity, pure love and good health

11 Daisy

Daisy Represents:
Innocence, purity, loyal love, good health and modesty

12 Hydrangea

Hydrangea Represents:
Heartfelt emotions, gratitude, frigidity and heartlessness

13 Lilac

Lilac Represents:
White: humility, innocence, confidence and youthfulness

Purple: first love, romance, affection and adoration

14 Sunflower

Sunflower Purity, adoration, dedication, love, determination, flexibility, opportunity, good luck, wealth and ambition

15 Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum Represents:

Red: love, romance, passion and affection

White: truth and loyal love and immortality

Yellow: love, optimism, joy and positivity

16 Peony

Peony Represents:

Bashfulness, compassion, happy life, happy marriage, good health and prosperity

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