10 "Grown up" Things All Adults Are Bad at Doing ...


10 "Grown up" Things All Adults Are Bad at Doing ...
10 "Grown up" Things All Adults Are Bad at Doing ...

Growing up is scary. After all, it's a lot of hard work to take on new responsibilities and take care of yourself when you've grown used to relying on your parents for help. Of course, we all need to grow up sooner or later. Just don't feel bad when you struggle with certain tasks, because these are a few "adult" things that we're all bad at doing:

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Making Phone Calls

Making Phone Calls For some reason, phone calls are terrifying. It doesn't matter that the other person can't see us. It doesn't matter that we can press a button and make them disappear. Despite all of those things, it's still nerve-racking to call up doctors to schedule appointments. Even though the voice on the other end of the phone sounds sweet and innocent, it doesn't ease our anxiety.


Eating at a Table

Eating at a Table When you were little, you probably ate at the dinner table every night with your family. However, now that you're older, it's hard to find time to eat at an actual table, let alone eat with the people you care about. Most of the time, you'll end up eating while you're sitting on the couch, in your bed, or on the move. Think about it: When was the last time you ate at an actual table without using a paper plate?


Taking Care of Your Car

Taking Care of Your Car You know you're supposed to get the oil changed often, but do you actually do that? It's hard to remember to schedule an oil change when you also have to remember to fill up your gas tank and pay off your car insurance. Owning a car is hard work.


Remembering Dates

Remembering Dates If it weren't for Facebook, would you actually remember all of your friends' birthdays? It's hard to keep track of them all. If you're in a relationship, you'll also have to remember important anniversaries. There's so much information you're expected to know, which is why you'll occasionally forget an important event.


Saving up Money

boating, WRATHOFgEETO, You know you need to save your money in order to pay the bills. However, that's hard to do when you need to buy food for the fridge and toilet paper for the bathroom. Plus, you can't turn down your friends when they ask you out to the movies, which means you'll be wasting twenty more bucks. It's hard to save up your money.


Keeping the House Clean

Keeping the House Clean It's hard enough to keep one room clean, let alone an entire apartment. It seems like you need to mop, sweep, and declutter every other day. Of course, you're not going to tidy up that often, which is why you'll end up with a house that's much messier than you'd like it to be. It's just the way the cookie crumbles.


Answering the Door

Answering the Door If you're not expecting company, you're not going to want to answer the door. It could be a murderer, after all. Even if it's just a UPS worker, you won't want to see him when your hair is a mess and face is makeup free. Even though it doesn't matter what he thinks of you, you'll still have a fear of answering that door.


Paying Bills

person, screenshot, Pay, bills?, course, Not like we don't all pay bills, but sometimes we forget. And sometimes we just hate the idea of having to manage money and miss the simpler days when mommy and daddy took care of everything. Either way, bills are a major bummer in growing up.


Fixing Things

hair, beauty, brown hair, hairstyle, fashion, As we grow up we become more handy-or so we think. Whether it's trying to save on calling a professional or just being confident in your lack of abilities, having to fix things around the house just plain sucks about growing up!


Going to the Doctor Alone

person, This, sucks!, I don't know about you but I'm a huge baby when it comes to going to the doctor! I absolutely hate and dread going which is why I'm glad I don't ever really have to. I get lonely there, anxiety, and it's probably one of worst parts about being an adult for me. I still call friends or family to come with me! Haha

No matter how old you are, it's okay to struggle with your responsibilities. Are you scared to do any of these "adult" things?

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Yes, agree about the phone, specially when I need to answer it.

Yeeey im not alone lolz.

I don't particularly enjoy making phonecalls either thank god for texting

Peony blue high five to that! I prefer texting than calls lol :P I end up taking the time to think about what I'm trying to say

I'm scared of being lonely as an adult, you know like when you have your own apartment and you come in to an empty home😞😐🙂

Making some phone calls scare me 🙋🏽

Have phone phobia. My boss asked me to answer the phone once and I had a full blown anxiety attack in the bathroom after.

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